Bharati Nayak Schooldays Poems

My Schooldays

I have fond memories of my school days.I can recall the names of a few friends from my primary school days.One of them was Sumana.She knew dancing and it was a rare privilege for a child of our age. Once Sumana danced in a function organized by Durga Puja Committee near our house.I was a bit jealous and wished I could dance like her.But dance teachers were not easily available those days.Later on I participated in many school dramas and realized my dream.

One of the funny event I recall to this day is this:
I was reading in Class-1.A Magic Show was arranged in our School.Our class teacher asked each student to bring 25 paise for the Show to be paid to the Magician.In those days, for a child of my age, getting 5 or 10 paise for our pocket expenses was a big thing.

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