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Feeling your presence,
yet craving you near
Whispering to the moon,
as if my lips on your ear

I ponder with anxiety as I pace the floor
Your island is beyond my reach and I want more
If I travel closer and arrive in your town
Will you wait for me in a white silk gown

I'm always hearing music
so I must be listening too close
Seeking answers in the lyrics
Adhering to every word spoke

So smooth the music calling me
warm rays of sun, I shall not flee
Through destiny’s door I quickly peer
motionless, yet I shall not fear

Oh mi amor,
where are you this lonely night
Empty and alone,
I tremble with necessity

A once inspired soul
Pulling back all hopes
excruciating consent

Travelling on a train, destination unknown
Lying on a small bed, next to you
My hands reflecting love I've shown
Your body so soft, your heart so true

With her fingertips resting in his palm, he gazes peacefully over the candle lit table into her eyes and discloses his heart.

Throwing bottles to the sea with last hopes
replies from the queen were to no avail
In each, contained a small piece of his heart
each one was destined to where he once sailed

Feet planted on the ground
yet a sky full of desire
Countless lightning streams
link the realms as golden wires

I thought I'd always be near
to absorb your pains
Fate separated
but my desire remains

Scott Mitchell Biography

I consider myself a person of deep thought with a romantic mind. As many others sit and see the ocean as a place where people swim, boats sail, and various creatures live; I, from my romanticist point of view and thought see it as a place of exhilarating power and inspiration of creation and thought. Likewise, I see the world and all it's inhabitants. Spiritual studies are of the most interesting for me as no point of view can be completely proven and learning of the subject matter is unlimited.)

The Best Poem Of Scott Mitchell

Cup Half Empty

Feeling your presence,
yet craving you near
Whispering to the moon,
as if my lips on your ear
Irrational I’ve become,
you have control of every part
No room for thoughts of other things,
you stole my mind, soul, and heart

Woman, reduce the incantation,
stop eating me alive
A distance filled with emptiness,
too far to hear my cries
To eat, rest, and work,
all things of the past
Have mercy and fill this hungry void,
my heart is beating too fast

Dark beautiful eyes,
touching the depths of my desire
I fell into some trap,
passion jolted trip wires
Unhinged I’ve become,
from you I’ll never escape
Remove the bonds from my wrists,
cut through all of the tape

Distance my only adversary,
even one inch is too far
I can’t rest until you’re near,
my sky has only one star
Not much longer can I survive,
this distance we keep
Always too many tomorrows,
next to you I should sleep

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Scott Mitchell Popularity

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