Twinkling Lucidity Poem by Scott Mitchell

Twinkling Lucidity

With her fingertips resting in his palm, he gazes peacefully over the candle lit table into her eyes and discloses his heart.
“My angel eyes, you are the woman of my dreams. When I look at you I see an eternity, past and future. A past of waiting to find you and a future wanting to hold you forever.“
Looking back at him with moist eyes she answers
“Awww baby, thank you for making me so happy! “
His daze continues as the bayside breeze makes the candlelight shadows dance upon her face.
He thinks to himself “am I dreaming? ” and then realizes he spoke it aloud.
She pinches his arm and they both smile. The stare continues…

My angel eyes, if you only knew all you are for me
you’d always know that I love you
My heart’s desire, believe that you are my everything
I want you now and forever

Newton explained why the apple fell from the tree
now I’ve fallen for you
Drawn to you and caught in inescapable gravity
you’re the apple of my eye

In the time of my darkest moment, a light from the moon
now you’re my inspiration
Stars pushed away the clouds and heaven blessed me with you
even more than I prayed for

Looking upward would be futile now, it’s definitely true
your smile glistens more than a star specked sky
If I changed direction, I’d be a determined fool
I’ll stay in this abundance of all I need

Soon I will get on a plane, but you need to know
my heart endures here with you
Two thousand miles away and I’ll continue to hold
my promises, and I’ll prove them true

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