seemakhera (Aanamika 805) Poems

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''A Girl Child Is God's Gift''

Girls are treasure to one's family,
Girls give moral strength to the family
Girls are the future of every nation
Girls needs a little amount of care,

I Want To Be Loved

From the depth of my heart, i called your name
Since long i was waiting to see you, when that day will come and
will knock my door.
I spend my nights thinking of you.

A Prayer To God

God for all you are teaching me,
Your ways are perfect.
I cast all my cares upon you

God has created-'Mother'

he couldnot be present everywhere.

My Friend-My Better Half.

A friend, who has taught me,
how beautiful the life is.

A friend, who shares my feeling, my pain &

What Is Love-

Love is worship
Love is passion
Love is a promise
Love is friendship

who nurture us for nine months in her womb
who bring us into this world

Death-Awareness And Emotion

Everyone of us has to Die
Every soul shall have the taste of Death
No one knows when and where
One will die

***********i Brighten Up My Day***********

When you make someone happy
you really feel like
you have done something good.Making someone smile
I brighten up my day.

Return To Eden......

There lives a dream in Her heart of a beautiful garden
a secret sacred garden.

She wants to be filled with lush green