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Girls are treasure to one's family,
Girls give moral strength to the family
Girls are the future of every nation
Girls needs a little amount of care,

From the depth of my heart, i called your name
Since long i was waiting to see you, when that day will come and
will knock my door.
I spend my nights thinking of you.

God for all you are teaching me,
Your ways are perfect.
I cast all my cares upon you

God has created-'Mother'

he couldnot be present everywhere.

A friend, who has taught me,
how beautiful the life is.

A friend, who shares my feeling, my pain &

Love is worship
Love is passion
Love is a promise
Love is friendship

who nurture us for nine months in her womb
who bring us into this world

Everyone of us has to Die
Every soul shall have the taste of Death
No one knows when and where
One will die

When you make someone happy
you really feel like
you have done something good.Making someone smile
I brighten up my day.

There lives a dream in Her heart of a beautiful garden
a secret sacred garden.

She wants to be filled with lush green

God saw me in pain
to cure me
He gave me a gift,


The colour of blood
The colour of flower

Oh! Dear pilot,
take me higher,
higher up in the sky
I want to fly,

Every moment is a precious,
Unique and incredible
Gift of life!
A magnificient Sunset,

She is a person of reason
A person of will
A person of affection
A person who has a mission to carryout

T-for trusting me,
R-respecting always
U-ultimate person
E-encouraging me always to face challenges

Born on 5feb2002
as beautiful as an Angel could be
God gave her beauty, but
forget to give her brain.

When it rains, I go out
Standing there
Letting it hit me,
I don’t mind getting wet.

In the dim twilight
holding hand in hand
feeling the warmth of each others hand,
looking into the depth of his eyes;

She is the most fascinating human being
Truthfully, she is intellengent, witty, and strong.
She is one of those
Who love, respect and care.

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Born on the 17th of August in Jalandhar(punjab) . Seema(Aanamika 805) grew up into a beautiful and soft-hearted girl.Got married to the love of her life when she was....after having completed her graduation in Sociology. Together both of them have raised a very happy family with two lovely daughters in New Delhi where is is currently settled. Fascinated with nature and love, she treasures even the smallest happiness that life provides her.She derives her inspiration for poetry from her life itself by observing the people and events around her and by forming relationship with the people she meets and likes.She is extremely touched and effected by the plight of less fortunate people. Some of her work might come across as unpolished but none of her poems will ever be found devoid of a sincere soul.)

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''A Girl Child Is God's Gift''

Girls are treasure to one's family,
Girls give moral strength to the family
Girls are the future of every nation
Girls needs a little amount of care,
a hand ful of warmth,
a heartful of love;
education to girls,
will lift the family.
Let the girls also be
smiling and happy.

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Pushkar Bisht 13 October 2009

I have gone through some of your poems. They are really beautiful and comprehensible to all the readers. They are very simple but they have a great message for everyone.! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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