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I Want To Be Loved

Rating: 4.8

From the depth of my heart, i called your name
Since long i was waiting to see you, when that day will come and
will knock my door.
I spend my nights thinking of you.
It seems that time has stopped and
instead of coming close, you are going far-far away.
Where are you--
please come, come soon
hold me tight and let me go away
I am getting senseless without you.

I have lost my sleeps
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Rachel Butler 04 November 2009

'Keep me loving as days goes by' Rachel Ann Butler

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Siddharth Singh 24 October 2009

Deeply embedded in the longing for love. I hope your longing has been satisfied and your man has arrived for you to quench your thirst and love you, just the way you want.

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anurag duggal 06 April 2009

lovely write indeed..a true desire to meet thy beloved is clearly visible here..lovely

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premji premji 06 April 2009

love first and be loved later

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Shyam Balaji 29 December 2008

nice poem again....gives a warm feeling..u've written it from heart..soon u'll hv the person whom u want to be loved by..love makes a good poet..philosophy says...true in ur case...good luck! ! ! >...tc.

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Asoke Kumar Mitra 01 March 2015

lovely write. longing for love.

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Dr Antony Theodore 24 April 2010

Dear Poetess, hold me tight and let me go away I am getting senseless without you. Open the door of your heart and let me come in. Dont be late I need you, your love and kindness i love these lines in ur poetry. so fine and simple conveying a whole lot of emotions! ! in fact it is for that we live.. to love and to be loved... tony

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oh..that desire..i guess no heart can be as romantic as a teen's heart.. :) wow is the word for such a lovely and wonderful poem. Thanx for sharing..It was worth reading :)

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Nikunj Sharma 04 January 2010

yet again you reign in simplicity of words and depth of the meaning. What a wonderful and musical poem it is....it has love, longing, desirtes, emotions, thirst and an silent aspiration to rise to the heights of love that's beyond material comrehension...wow is the word for this one...Niks

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Harish K. Thakur 08 November 2009

Anaamika, its a nice poem, would have been more catchy had u employed the tools of nature rather than personal incantaions...

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