Francis Duggan September Poems

A Beautiful Night In September

The moon did appear from behind dark clouds
Only again for to steal out of sight
And boobook owl called in the Parkland
His voice echoing in the calm night.

Two Weeks Into September

Two weeks into September the leaves begin to brown
In the groves and in the Town Park of in and near Millstreet Town
And soon the redwing thrushes in the old fields will be seen
When the gray frost of the cold morning does temporarily cloak the green,

A September Day

A thing of such great beauty to behold
The wattles resplendent in their blooms of gold
The first week of September and Spring is in the air
And in the green park daisies bloom everywhere,

A Windy Day In Early September

The wind keeps the air that bit cooler today it is sixteen degrees
And beautiful pink fluffy blossoms adorn the flowering gum trees
And wattlebirds sing in the sunshine though not very pleasant their song
Their hoarse call is very distinctive once heard you cannot get it wrong.

September's Come To Visit

With darkened face and in his cloak of silvery gray
I saw the black faced cuckoo shrike today
Perched on dead branch at top of dead gum tree
He uttered forth his cheerful melody.

September In Her Finest

The sun is brightly shining the frogs sing in pond and drain
These shy and tiny amphibians their songs tell us of rain
And Spring is all around me the beauty of the Spring
The wattles in their yellow flowers the birds whistle and sing.

A September Evening

After recent rain everywhere lush and green and the weather dry and fine
And the magpies are warbling in the warm sunshine
The nesting birds singing on the bushes and trees
For September the weather temperatures a near perfect twenty two degrees

For Early September

For early September in early Spring such a very warm day
And by the weather forecast for the rest of the week it will remain this way
A forecast high for the day of 25 degrees
And warmth in the sunshine and hardly any breeze

In Birdsland In September

Where it is so lush and green in September in Spring
And grey shrike thrush and blackbird in their nesting territories sing
And magpies sing all night as well as all day
In Birdsland in September from here far away

On A Morning In Late September

Above the sunlit paddock just like a small speck in the sky
The little brown skylark is carolling as up to the high clouds he fly
On a beautiful morning in September approaching the prime of the Spring
On bushes and trees all around me the nesting birds whistle and sing.

In September In Duhallow

The storm water is gurgling in the swollen roadside drain
And I hear the robin singing in the wind and drizzling rain
And brown Autumn leaves in their thousands to Mother Earth drifting down
Off of the trees and hedgerows in the fields by Millstreet Town.

By The Merri In September

The sky overcast looks like rain on the way
In the parks by the Merri on this September day
The warbling songs so pleasant to hear
Of the magpies who sing every day of the year

Illowa In Early September

The green paddocks of Illowa wearing their Nature's flowers
In early September in the blustery Spring showers
The breeding frogs singing in every pond, dam and drain
Full of life giving water after the recent rain

Port Fairy In September

Between spells of sunshine brief sun showers a typical Spring day
The huge surf waves of Port Fairy are spewing up white foamy spray
The calling of the silver gulls the grumbling voice of the sea
The wildness of Nature is all around me.

Tower Hill In September

The black swans and mountain ducks and their young out swimming on the lake
And the magpies and the blackbirds in the grayness of daybreak
Are piping their familiar notes on the gum and wattle trees
The calm morning air full of the music of their pleasant melodies

Nice To Feel The Warmth Of September

So often by her I've been inspired to rhyme
And the love I feel for her with me for some time
The warm sun of Spring shines through clouds of blue and gray
Immortal Mother Nature does look well today.

A Mild Night In September

There scarcely is a puff of wind and in the pale moonlight
Out there in the quiet paddock the red fox barks tonight
Perhaps she is feeling hungry with fast growing cubs to feed
A scavenger and a hunter and a hunted life she lead,

Mid September In Warrnambool

An evening in September the weather dry though cool
And people out jogging, walking and cycling on the beach road at Warrnambool
And above the calm ocean in the west the sun going down
A mile or maybe even less from the famous sea-side Town

September Day

The wild birds of Nature chirp, whistle and sing
On this beautiful evening in the early Spring
The sun shining bright in a sky blue and gray
It is such a marvelous September day

Maldon On A September Night

The high country dark and peaceful under the stars light
And the tiny breeding frogs are singing in Maldon tonight
September in early Spring their main breeding time of year
In ponds and in drains singing at night them one does hear

It Is A Warm Day For September

It is a warm day for September around the 25 degrees
The nesting birds chirping and singing with only a very faint breeze
The Goddess of Spring in her glory the pittosporums in their grey flowers
The paddocks looking lush and greener as a result of the early Spring showers

In The Prime Of September

The paddocks looking yellow where the capeweed does bloom
And bright golden flowers on the gorse and the broom
And the flute of the shrike thrush is pleasant to hear
In the prime of September in the Spring of the year

The First Of September

The morning it is breaking cloudy and gray
It does seem another cool late Winter's day
But the birds in the Parkland they whistle and sing
Believe it or not 'tis the first day of Spring

Written In September 2001

A reign of terror in the morning sky
As into the buildings the hijacked planes did fly
Trapped people from the windows for help did cry
How come it is the innocents who always die?

Written In September 2000

A year on in east Timor and they are re-building Dili Town
The houses and the businesses that the Indonesian militia burnt down
These so called emergency soldiers poor East Timor did destroy
Whilst the Indonesian military to stop them did not try.

In The Breeze Of A September Day

The sweet scent of freshly mowed grass for silage or hay
Is wafting in the breeze of a September day
And the golden bill blackbird his finest does sing
On this nice sunny day in the Southern Spring

In Baxters Land In September

In Baxters Land in Wonthaggi where the roos are wild and shy
The tireless welcome swallows just above the rank grass fly
Since the flying insects that they feed on in cool weather don't go high
When the sun is clouded over and rain clouds are in the sky.

On This The Twenty Eight Of September

On this the twenty eight of September a marvelous Spring day
In the sunny blue sky just a few clouds of gray
The wild birds are singing in the park by the bay
Earthly Utopia from here cannot be far away

In Early September

In early September near the prime of the Spring
The nesting wild songbirds chirp, whistle and sing
In cool enough weather of a high fifteen degrees
Of sporadic sunshine and rain in the breeze

On The Third Day Of September

There is so much in Nature for one to admire
And of singing her praises one never could tire
On this the third day of September and the southern calendar Spring
So sweetly the golden billed blackbird does sing

Park Lake Pertobe In September

A freshening breeze blowing from Lady Bay
In Park Lake Pertobe such a beautiful day
The dark welcome swallows chirping as they fly
With the sun on their wings in the mostly blue sky

September In Millstreet

Where old Clara Mountain as ever looks down
On the green countryside bordering Millstreet Town
In latter September in the Fall of the year
And with each passing day cooler and wetter weather is near

A Nice Evening In September

The sun it is out so good to be alive
A beautiful evening for to go for a drive
It is so refreshing the cool coastal breeze
And the birds they are singing on the bushes and trees

Early September In Yangery

The sky at mid morning overcast and grey
And a soft wind is blowing uphill from Gorman's Bay
The black angus calves around their grazing mothers play
And the blackbirds are singing in Yangery today

September Night

September a beautiful time of the year
The sounds ofNature so pleasant to hear
Magpies singing at night in the southern Spring
The sound of their music is such a beautiful thing

In South Gippsland In September

On the fruit trees in the gardens the pinkish blossoms are in bloom
And by the roadside fences yellow flowers are on the broom
And the flute like notes of the magpie have such a melodious ring
In South Gippsland in september in the infancy of Spring.

September's Brought The Spring

The golden whistler whistles on the gray gum tree
And lyrebird in good mood for mimicry
And magpie piping in the morning gray
And currawong tell rain not far away.

In Yangery In September

In latter September near the prime of Spring
The nesting birds of Nature chirp whistle and sing
The sky overcast in low clouds of gray
The sun is not shining in Yangery today

In Illowa On A September Night

In the paddocks of Illowa on a September night
A fox it is barking in the moonlight
A wild nocturnal shrill voice that is a fox's own
And a voice of Nature that is widely known


In the home of the kangaroo in the Land of the far south
In sky kilometers far from the waterways of the brown trout
The sun shines in a sky of blue and gray
And the nesting birds are singing in the Moyne Shire today

September North And South

In the home of the kangaroo in the Land of the far south
In sky kilometers far from the waterways of the brown trout
The sun shines in a sky of blue and gray
And the nesting birds are singing in the Moyne Shire today

The First Of September And The Calendar Spring

The first of September and the calendar Spring
In the gray of the dawning the blackbird does sing
And the bird who does sing every day of the year
The warbling song of the magpie so pleasant to hear

At The September Horse Fair

Deciduous leaves of late August not yet turning brown
At the September horse fair in old Millstreet Town
The cool nip of late Summer in the morning air
But it is quite a nice enough day for the fair

A Lovely Day In September

The nesting songbirds are singing on the sunlit bushes and trees
On this warm day in September of close to thirty degrees
The cows in the nearby paddock sit and chew their cuds at ease
And there is a pleasant freshness in the freshening coastal breeze

In September In The Southern Country

In the Townpark the pee wees are calling and the magpies are piping on the sunlit trees
And the familiar song of the blackbird is carrying across the street in the freshening breeze
Spring has arrived to the Southern Country and with her she has brought her greenery and flowers
Everywhere looking so green and so healthy the water dams near full from the recent showers

A September Night In The Countryside

Out there in the quiet countryside in the still of the night
The unmistakeable cry of a hunting fox in the moonlight
And perhaps at the threat of a predator to their ground nest nearby
The wary spur wing plovers are calling as they fly

In September In Port Fairy

When the wild birds of Nature chirp, whistle and sing
Port Fairy a beautiful place in the Spring
In September a lovely time of the year
With the warmth of Summer with each day drawing near

Mid September In Victoria

The magpie lark sings his familiar pee wee
And a magpie is warbling on a black wattle tree
And the dark welcome swallows do chirp as they fly
In pursuit of flying insects in the gray evening sky

On The Second Week Of September

Across the high green paddocks the freshening winds blow
In the sunshine of September near where the river waters crawl slow
Near the end of it's journey the deep salty sea
The river water like us fulfil their life's destiny.

On The Third Of September

Out there on the hillside the hunting fox cry
And the call of the boobook echoes in the night sky
And the silver billed magpie in the moonlight sing
For to proclaim his borders in the early Spring.