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I live to write. I breathe words. It is writing that saved me. Writing that keeps me sane, and if I choose it will be writing that transcends me over every pain, every betrayal and every hurt I have endured.

I am consistently inspired by the world, and amazed by the people who live in it, including myself. Surviving just over two decades of extreme hardships, tragedy upon tragedy, loss after loss, very nearly destroying myself, coming so close to losing everything that meant anything to me, closer even to losing my very life. Repeatedly getting knocked down so often took its toll on me naturally shattering the last remnants of my self esteem. Drawn to the broken and lost as they are to the emptiness they sense Inside me. Intrigued, I want to know all their stories. Completely entranced as I listen to tale after tale of devastation and despair but more gripping survival. I have been on an endless journey facing many tragedies myself and have known my fair share of loss and sorrow. If not for writing, more specifically my beloved poetry, I can honestly say I would not be alive today. I feel blessed to have been spared long enough to tell my story. I am in constant awe of the resilience humans possess. Especially women, their spirits unbreakable always doing what they have to, not what they want to. Often amazed at my own survival when reflecting back, too many battles fought, enough to last a lifetime, but still being here restored not only my confidence, it restored my faith in myself and re- confirmed for me my strength of character, reminding me that I have strong core values and of the last promise a daughter made to her mother, To Never Give Up! An avid believer in Honesty, Integrity and respect for all and self. When we Choose to live nothing can stop us. We have this amazing ability to overcome the most impossible hardships, getting stronger with each struggle faced then transcending over the pain. All the personal losses in my life, deaths of my close loved ones nearly destroyed me, Instead I became stronger growing up overnight, I also became wiser. Learning priceless lessons about love and compassion. The most important lesson of all is Patience, everything gets better with time. I learned To be grateful for the people you have in your life and too cherish the time you have with them. I chose to use my pain positively. Transcending over my own grief in order to be there for whoever needs me, helps me more than you can imagine. To just be there if only to listen and offer an understanding ear means a great deal. No one needs to go through anything alone. No one should. This is why I feel compelled to write human interest pieces sharing from my own personal life experiences as well as stories I have heard. A freelance writer however, always the infinite Poet at the core, who not only strives daily to be a best selling author but who more significantly aspires to change the world, One word at a time. I'm blessed to touch just one person knowing that my words offered comfort or hope in what seemed like a otherwise hopeless situation. Maybe imparting some knowledge that may equip you to deal with grief which is almost always foreign and new to most. Making life a little more bearable, if only for the briefest of moments bring me such indescribable joy. I strive to be better every day, even its just to smile more or be kinder. Haunted and in constant turmoil its an every day struggle fighting to keep the demons of depression away. It drives me, the memories of what once was, Yearning for over twenty five years my need for the ever elusive Inner Peace I knew before. So everyday little by little, every kindness big or small, a ready smile, a willing listener, each deed fills my soul just a little, pushing me a little closer to peace and that is the only reward I really care about. Genuine affection, compassion and humanity is a miracle I never get tired of seeing. I smile...finally peace is visible.the light at an unending tunnel.

I want my souls voice to be heard in every syllable I put to paper. I am finally ready to fight a battle for me, a battle that in the end will be the worthiest.

I am Mind, Heart and Soul. I am Here, Broken but Alive. Humbled by his Grace.


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For My Mama- Gone But Not Forgotten

Gone so long, but never forgotten

Almost fifteen years have passed
Seems like a lifetime
It is, the good half of mine.
It is the half in which I had you,
Where my days were filled with unconditional love and support.
Even the craziest of my dreams, I would hear you say “why Not”
You were always there…
Ready for anything …
Always there…breakfast, lunch and supper.
We would rush home from school knowing you there waiting, with arms open wide, welcoming us home and thanking God its in one piece!
I remember in those days how easy sleep came after you placed your hands on our heads and prayed to God for our safety.
As I listened to you plead for our health and happiness, I have never felt safer …it’s as if God Almighty himself had placed his hand on my forehead!

And then you were GONE!
And all that wonderful, warm light that was our safe and sheltered life was swallowed and shattered by the darkest of darks!
Nothing made sense.
Pain overwhelming,
Anger almost destroying, the very foundation of your lessons taught with love!

In these dark and empty days, I felt like you and God had abandoned me!
“What kind of cruel God would rip a mother away from her young children, when they already had no father? ”
Questions like these drove me insane.
I got sucked in…disappeared…lost myself, in this blurred haze, which was my so called life.

In these crazy days…drugged up existence, I lived my worst fears….not remembering you! Every memory of you was distorted…your face unrecognizable…and this drove me over the edge!
But in all this riotous silence I heard your voice…and I felt your hands reach into the darkness and drag me into the light, enveloping me in your embrace …holding me tightly against your bossom. Your voice reminding me “I am your mother! I will always be here and here! ” as you point to my head and my heart….gone so long, but never forgotten!

Almost fifteen years since I had the privilege of looking at you, but the image of you still so fresh as if I had seen and touched your face just yesterday. From the perfect shaped eyebrows and the sharp bridge and tip of your nose, to the mole below it! Your ivory skin contrasted against the pitch black of your hair…flowing like silk, down to your back.
I relive every conversation and little things you said, which back then I could not relate to, but now I treasure! All the tiny bits of advice seemed then to mature; now all makes perfect sense!
It’s as if you knew, you wouldn’t be around all our lives…and went about preparing us for that time…a life...without you! Gone so long …but never forgotten!

I know now after everything experienced…the good and the bad…you have never really been gone… you have always been here with me.
In simple decisions, I hear your opinion…in the more difficult ones…I ask myself “how would mommy handle this? ”

Your character and strength has always been an inspiration to me and it remains my ultimate goal. I aspire to be just like you…you are my hero!
Independent, free-thinking,
Self-sufficient…faith so strong…one whole individual, not needing anyone to define me!
And when God blesses me with a child, I pray I can instill the same values with respect and love!

Mommy I thank you….I thank you for the woman I am today…and for everything!
You remain alive in our hearts …and even if fifty years passes us by …you hold the most influence in my life!

Gone so long…but never forgotten!

I love you mommy and hope I make you proud!

Shaakiera Schroeder

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Shaakiera Schroeder 06 July 2012

my soul bared! all poems of shaakiera schroeder.

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I want my soul's voice to be heard in every syllable I put to paper! I am finally ready to fight a battle for me…a battle that in the end will be the worthiest.the spoils of war being my happiness…my contentment…and my eventual peace. Victory will bring change from existing to truly living, most importantly …living happily!

'Freedom' defined as 'the absence of necessity, coercion or constraint in choice or action'&quot;liberation or restraint from the power of another&quot; &quot;the quality of being frank, open or outspoken. Boldness of conception&quot; Simply put - to be truly Free, You must be allowed... No, you must be encouraged to be truly You. SS (28/02/12)

'Wrestling with thoughts that consume your conscious mind but only serves as a waste of time is just fooling yourself...let it go! Live and let live! Stop and be grateful for another beautiful day you are blessed to experience - then look up and thank Allah for this incomparable gift you get everyday! A clean slate...a fresh new start...a chance to be BETTER than yesterday! Shaakiera Schroeder (23/12/11)

I am Mind, Heart&Soul. I am Here. Broken but Alive. Humbled, by His grace. Restore faith&hope heal our souls. reclaim our humanity, the light within us Godly shine bright Compassion devouring the darkness filling the emptiness #BeTheMiracleEveryday!

If you are determined enough what you can achieve exceeds what your mind can conceive, the possibilities are limitless...ss12/16

Caught in the storm today is Allah swt reminder that No matter how dark the storm...there's always a silver lining...always! Ya Rabb I accept the lesson! SS

Be the light that brightens the Darkest of Souls and fire like the sun warming the Coldest of Hearts ss

If you are determined enough what you can achieve exceeds what your mind can conceive, the possibilities are limitless...ss12/16

'I'd rather be nowhere on the list than last on list with (optional) in brackets, 'she's no one' instead of 'its complicated'. Thank u but I'd rather not! ShaakieraS 13

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