Shaakiera Schroeder Poems

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For My Mama- Gone But Not Forgotten

Gone so long, but never forgotten

Almost fifteen years have passed
Seems like a lifetime

I Wish…

Sometimes I wish I didn't have a betrayed me one to many times....
I love to deeply. And care too excessively...
Then I hurt!
And the hurt is like so many hurts I have endured...yet so unlike any...

Take No Prisoners.

In the battlefields of love, souls are lost ….
Bodies linger aimlessly…
No purpose….no hope,
except the tangible longing to die….

Worthiest Battle

Within My Soul

Beautiful Oak Tree

Your soul and memory of your life is like a beautiful oak tree.
You provide shelter from the storm…homes for the homeless…humans like creatures, all different, finds sanctuary within you! Shade, when reality burns like the angry sun…and most importantly, you provide oxygen which helps us breathe… even when we no longer want to!
You stand tall and firm…reaching to the sky…reminding us to look up and know there is a reason …you now fly!
Beautiful Angel …we look up and imagine your smile!

Two More Days

My eyes fall on the calendar
And my heart races…
Just two more days…
Two more days from the worst of so much and

For My Best Friend

I say friend to many because I am a friend...but I say best friend to only one who inspired me and believed in me when I didn't believe in myself! You look at me and see my soul! You accepted my flaws and instead chose not only to appreciate but to celebrate the best of me which

For Alison Botha - Stay Strong Soldier Girl

For Alison Botha
Stay Strong Soldier Girl
Amidst all this darkness you have been a shining beacon for thousands around the world, most importantly you have been your own light. When I read your story I thought "Greatest fear- Marianne Williamson". You did what she describes as "make manifest the Glory of God that is in each of us". From the very first moment you decided to take the hard road…you chose courage…you chose Life!
YOU made the choice …lay down and die or crawl…get up…stumble…fall down…struggle up…and LIVE! Does this not epitomize the journey we all call life? Do we not all have "our demons" we fight day by day? "Trauma beyond the norm"…is any trauma normal?

Two Years Today... For Angel Jk

Two years its been-painfully we struggled through the first half, barely survived the second half quite like a dream, trance like...going with the flow not caring where that flow may take me! Two years it seems like yesterday you told us your stay on earth is complete.

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