Shannon Atherton Poems

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Racism is just so wrong
It makes people feel they don't belong.
It doesn't matter, the colour of your skin;
What's important is what lies within.


When you were put upon this earth
My mum felt she was blessed
But when she lost you she found her heart
Was ripped out from her chest

Teenage Dreams

If I could be somebody else
Other than just me
I'd be the one that's popular
With friends from A - Z

Growing Up: A Girl's Point Of View...

Growing up's like a shadow;
It follows you everywhere.
It won't go away,
It'll just have to stay,

A Family Christmas

Christmas is the time of year
for celebration and good cheer.
A time to laugh and shout and sing,
and be thankful for everything.


Feeling alone, friends stay away
You spent time on your own today
The sky is blue and shows how you feel
Not even sure if this is real


Feeling pressured, I rack my brains
searching for a solution
If I say yes, I'll be in with the crew
but at school I'll be facing exclusion

An Angel's Gift

As you stare into her eyes
You know that she's the one
And right then you realise
you'd die if she was gone


My life is a living nightmare.
Of it I have no control.
All those I know are against me,
they share the same purpose and goal.

Filled With Content

Sitting on the pavement, breeze waking the leaves;
totally oblivious - lost in the poems she weaves.
The clouds and skies, they start to spit, just soft at first but then,
The heavens truly open - they'll stop, but who knows when?