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Beat your fevered wings blackbird,
Ravin, not by choice or birth, blackened;
Not by fire, or ruddy flame,
Have you come oh ancient minister

The way algae floats
Across a blackened pond
Is as clouds
Across a blackened sky,

Escalator, stop...
Let the malt-liquor light
Of this Autumn afternoon
Never fade;

I searched for truth with all my heart.
I dissected each word with the fervor
Of a scribe in an Italian monastery,
The inflection and control

Her raven hair's
Like the willow tree,
And a Black Nighmare

Kissie sounds, small and tiny,
The telephone line goes silent,

But not the wind whipping might

Coughing up words
In the black shade,
On her black feet,

Silence, submission; Cygnus
X-1, the gravity
Oh my God, the gravity
And the fading starfield

There is a special kind of blue
When you're twelve:
A kite in the sky kind of blue,
Barley in June blue,

Mercury transits the sun,
The moon above the obelisk
In 2001, A Space Odyssey;
Are you seeing this?

The frilly white edge of mattresses,
Fluffy pillows, and quilts, lines the windows,
Red ribbons and bows across the top.
'I love this one Ed; it's so soft.'

I blow your pictures up a lot,
So that they fill my screen
And stare into the pixels;
All of those little brown dots

Shimmering Emily
Hides the sun
The way that our Lady
Of Fatima did when She

There are no words
To forestall this

The Bumblebee said to the flower,
'This is my love story;
You see my legs full of pollen,
How I hang suspended in the air,

Sheets over the windows...
Murmurs when the wind blows...

Is this iconic?
Charcoal on paper,
Dusty black pump-jacks,
And a sky

To gaze off the roof is to look into Hell.
The twinkling limbs burn, breaking into
Charred little pieces of bone and fat,
Which then get ground to powder by

Silent skies, icy moonlight;
Diana's enthroned in the air,
Slicing through the North Dakota night;
A celestial body never so fair

Your eyes are so deliciously clever;
Always pouting, sometimes begging, discreet,
Beneath a tuft of burgundy hair,
Like pools of water

The Best Poem Of Shannon Walker

Twilight Time

Beat your fevered wings blackbird,
Ravin, not by choice or birth, blackened;
Not by fire, or ruddy flame,
Have you come oh ancient minister
To light upon this calloused hand.
Demon, if demon you are;
Lightning strike, black on white,
And red on black.
The days contend with one another,
As dreams do, struggling to survive
This comic interlude, a carnival
Of monotony and despair,
Between the two,
And you come, light, and stare.
Yet, what could you do?
You're just like me, a mist,
A vapor if you will.
Am I to tremble in fear?
Fear what?
Old magicians never die;
They just reappear.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 13 September 2017

Shannon Walker is a brilliant and multi talented poet of this age in this world who writes poems very deep from soul and mind. In every poem Walker reflects deep perception about nature, society, life and lifestyle. I know Walker has definite and amazing poetic skill and also ability of nice review on other poems of the other poets. Shannon Walker is a very deep and philosophical thinker who sprinkles love to the readers through poetry. Walker's literary ability is admirable. I have gone through Shannon Walker's many poems and I am astonished finding high values among them. I am wishing Walker all the best for future literary perseverance. May God bring happiness and fortune for Shannon Walker!

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Shannon Walker Popularity

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