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No one wants
to ever agonize
that pain,

How can you face up
to reality? when your
recollection is lost?

When silence
prevails, rising
angel's sing,
Shining star's

yo listen up it never fails so pay close attention
real dreams are made out God's products seek him and you shall rise again his promises goes as far as us at all times we keep rocking with him until his blessings start to grow we pay him back with full and good intentions cause that's just how it goes the more you give you get in riches in do time at all times we will rise at all times
so be careful what you ask for at all times
be careful what you pray for at all times

oh yeah
while I'm sitting here thinking about myself and all the times when I was running around silent without a sound

I hid my voice at the end of the day from the crowd, and times, times when I distance myself from loud now that I made it out now, now that

Since day one before the recognition of God's existence, Luminous stimulated shine

Distinct hankering gleam glowing within me A sensation A brilliance of success

To the top, I rise to reach for the
horizons. dreams have no limitations,

To the top, I rise above propelling

For decades, I faced rage, head on,
face to face, We made eye contact,
I stared evil in the face, evil went insane

Every day I expend alone in stillness, conceding to God.

Taking the time out to enhance my level of growth.

keep allegiance. Andfollow your Moira.

God will certainly fulfill your needs. Entrust in God.
use your acuity and expectations.

To the top, I rise, patiently waiting
like an eagle in the sky. To the top, I
rise with no hesitation. To the top, I rise like pure water pouring from a shower glass.


Life is my fight. I inhale, then I exhale.

My rush is my fight; life has fair chances.

The sky is the limit.
We only live one life.

Our days on earth are limited


My vitality has been quite a voyage

And attainments I have attained throughout my life


again and again,
time of renewing.

To all that this
may apply to
just a personal
thought not

La vida es mi lucha. Inhalo, luego exhalo.

Mi prisa es mi lucha; la vida tiene oportunidades justas.


Die lewe is my stryd. Ek asem in, dan asem ek uit.

My gejaag is my stryd; die lewe het billike kanse.

Jeta është lufta ime. Unë thith, pastaj nxjerr.

Nxitimi im është lufta ime; jeta ka shanse të drejta.


When the river runs deep,

don't take it personally just
because you're not qualified for my worth.

The Best Poem Of Shavon Harrington

Born Distinctively

No one wants
to ever agonize
that pain,

Few suffer
many suffer

We didn't ask
to be born
this way

Life Testimony

Born distinctively
every day we
learn to adjust,

We grow, we
rise, and we
succeed just
like any other
human being

Born distinctively
every day we
exist, We're
not invisible

we're no
different from
the next.

every day we
come in many
colors, Distinct

structures and
sizes our lives

We cherish every

Every moment
we survive
it's not just
a blessing
for most
it's a miracle

Born distinctively
every day, don't
let your disability
define you,

Or what you can

We may have

born distinctively
from others,

What we understand
others can't define the difference

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