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She sits there by the creek, alone and lost
Small, fragile, and dressed in white
After months, this poor girl is still hurting so bad
She no longer has any strength to fight

I wanna live in a world with no such thing as fear.
Where all people are honest and truly sincere
Where people don't hurt you.
There's not reason to cry

To stretch my wings and, far away, fly
To cut these chains and say goodbye
To break the bars of this prison in which im held
To silence the voices that constently yell

I know you need to go
This I won't deny
And I refuse to slow you down
So my concerns and thoughts I will hide

Dear Grandpa, please help me
Im in such a bind
I need your help

Ready to leave
Ready to fly
Ready to run far away
And say goodbye

I think I might be dieing
My health is disappearing
I think my time is coming
Symptoms keep stopping and reappearing

The moon sits in silence, ever so cold.
So many feelings are left untold.
The mocking stars have deserted the moon.
Leaving it standing alone, at night and even noon.

How could you do all of those things to me?
Couldn't you see what the outcome would be?
When you look at me now, can you see all those days?
All those stolen days you can never replace?

Once I had a heart of stone
It had gotten lost and could not find its way home
It couldn't love another, even though it tried and wanted to
But along came my awnser. All along, my heart was just waiting for you

All I want is to be able to truly call you mine
I want for you to go to college, and be true
I want you to come back no matter how long the time
And to come back and then take me with you

Her wings were bent.. Her eyes were sore..
The glow she once had..Glows no more..
Her soul was crushed..Her heart was broke..
Her smile had deteriorated..Her voice was choked..

The moon shining bright
In the darkness of night
The stars shining bright as can be
Down the road on some nights

'I love' the way you hold me when you hold me ever so tightly
'I hear' every word you say, even if said slightly
'I see' the purity of you in your blues eyes, those eyes that I love so much
'I feel' the shock, the jitters, the safety, and the peace with every touch

A day in my life...
Can you imagine at all?
Can you even guess what goes on
Behind these prison walls?

When I met you..My heart skipped a beat
The sun became the moon & cold turned into heat
Roses weren't red..And violets were no longer blue
All because I fell in love with you

Have you ever felt the way I felt?
To feel like there's nothing that you can do to matter
To feel like you're the shadows of the day
To feel like every bit of happiness you get at least once has shattered

If I could be anywhere I wanted at any time I choose
I would be in a few places at once

I'd start out in your heart. The heart that loves me with a love so real

The moon brighter than it ever had been...
The woods screaming louder with every blow of wind...
Branches breaking with every step...
Fog appearing with every breath...

*Do you believe me when I say that I love you? Because I do...with everything that I have
*When I told you that I'll wait for you? Because I'll wait however long I have to, as long as you wait for me
*When I tell you that I want to see you? I would spend every moment with you if I could
*When I told you there's no one else but you? You are the only person in this world that my heart belongs to

Shelby Renee Biography

There's nothing to really say about me. I have a life full of pain, hurt, secrets, and most of all True Love. My poems are the only place where I can let my emotions flow. Every one of them I wrote because I have something to say, , but I don't have the courage to get right out and say it)

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*lady Beneath The Willow

She sits there by the creek, alone and lost
Small, fragile, and dressed in white
After months, this poor girl is still hurting so bad
She no longer has any strength to fight

The water flows in its gentle pattern in front of her
This young girl use to shine as brightly as the sun
But now she just sits and stares at the trees
A pale, stone statue is what she has become

Everday, she sits beneath the same Willow Tree
And every night, she sits in that very same frame
You would think she's forgotten how to move, how to talk
She's so depressed, you'd wonder if she knows her name

But once a year, you'll see her move
And you wonder if today is gonna be the day
But once again, she's doesn't improve
And she walks to her husbands grave

She lays by his tombstone, so small and alone
And sings her and her husbands lullaby
Then when the time comes to go back to the creek
She softly and sadly says her goodbyes

After months and months of her heartbroken days
Her time had finally come to an end
She passed in her sleep beneath that same Willow Tree
And was buried beside her husband

But once a year, at the right time of night
If you look beneath that same Willow Tree
You'll see her figure, still dressed in white
But dancing with her husband to the sound of the creek

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Matt Mooney 25 July 2009

A romantic gem-love stolen by moonlight.

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