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First Crush - A Sonnet

You once sat on my wall and talked to me;
I was irked because you spoiled my silly game.
The tender age of twelve was what I'd be.
Aged thirteen and I just don't feel the same.

Dreams Of Long Ago

Serene and reflective the old woman sits
warming her legs by the fire.
Calm and objective, her mem'ry selective,
past lovers and wanton desire.

The Closest Place To Heaven

Diagonal snow obliterating clear blue sky,
A cold, white duvet softening our footfalls.
Cushioned silence encompasses the path; our senses.
Trees link arms, jealously guarding the carpet

Beside The Brazier

A cold, damp night, no cheerful home.
Fingerless gloves clothe frozen hands.
Filled with abjection at life's rejection, society's revulsion.
What brought him to this? What turn of Fate?

Summer 2012

In spring they said we had a drought,
Nature went to sort it out,
Then it never stopped raining.

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I am a divorced mother of two adult sons and nanna to a lovely grandson. I have been writing for eighteen years seriously - many before that playing at it - since becoming ill with M.E. I have written numerous poems, six novels and a memoir. All books are available from
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