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I am a 14 year old girl sharing her love for poetry and using it as a coping mechanism towards mental health problems

Signe Thidemann Poems

6 January

I took a quick look at the rope,
before tightening it around my throat.
all I wish is to be dead.
The thoughts are taking over, my head.

: (:

laying in the bathroom crying my eyes out,
tell me that I'm worthless just one more time.
My anxieties are growing, breathing gets hard.
I can't control my body, please let me out.

Depression Is Gonna Kill Me

Anger. Pain.
It's getting harder to hide
All the feelings I've built up inside.

Raining From My Eyes

i was alone yes on my own
people they scream they pushed they teased
I was tearing up asking them to stop

Wrong Kind Of Tears

you loved me you hurt me you ripped me apart
how could you do it with so much pride

I know it's wrong but I wish you were here

Signe Thidemann Quotes

02 October 2021

true happiness is like a unicorn, beautiful and magical. But in the end, it doesn't exist.

03 October 2021

I know you're hurt when you know the difference between living and surviving,

03 October 2021

we are scared, that the aliens will do the same thing to us that we did to the animals when we came to earth.

04 October 2021

why is everyone so scared of failing, ? It's a part of growing. It's important to fail like Friedrich Nietzsche once said, 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.'

04 October 2021

when you try to find happiness again but instead realize you were never happy in the first place.

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