Signe Thidemann Poems

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6 January

I took a quick look at the rope,
before tightening it around my throat.
all I wish is to be dead.
The thoughts are taking over, my head.

: (:

laying in the bathroom crying my eyes out,
tell me that I'm worthless just one more time.
My anxieties are growing, breathing gets hard.
I can't control my body, please let me out.

Depression Is Gonna Kill Me

Anger. Pain.
It's getting harder to hide
All the feelings I've built up inside.

Raining From My Eyes

i was alone yes on my own
people they scream they pushed they teased
I was tearing up asking them to stop

Wrong Kind Of Tears

you loved me you hurt me you ripped me apart
how could you do it with so much pride

I know it's wrong but I wish you were here


everything blurred I can't see
I'm having a hard time just being me
my chest is tightening the pain is too much
trying to stay calm but all I hear is the panic I have cost

I Was The Best Student

I was the best student in my high school
I took extra classes and used all the extra tools
people envied me because of my knowledge and brain
if they just knew the work I put into it and all the pain