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sound of a dog who is interested only to syllabic rhythms
spins in the silence of Westwood


Quite normal
Years passed;
And thousands of questions.

For years, I have stared at the silent rock which is staring at seasons
while they come, while they go
staring at the coloring of Spring and Fall
Long…long time...I have stared

you were gone
to bring cups of tea
to drink together and know
how does taste life

We arrived at night, at suspicious night
Night is the moment, immersed in the sound of frog

we arrived, tired, exhausted


No doubt nor fear
Wherever is possible
Flowers bloom and…. wither
this is truth,

washes her feather at the tightest opportunity
during an impossible moment
like a swan, white, love comes
washes her feather in a clear mind

Its morning and the world looks like the dream of a flower,
a blossomed dream of smiling flower

its morning and the world as I see it

as long as the wheel spins
our dream will remain eternal

every moment is the same as outset moment

you are tired obviously.sit down, there's still time
sit down there's still time until the collapse of Earth

in the last efflorescence of Aden


tea cup
drawn into unknown
cube sugar


I left
my bright dream
in the deepening fog


like lost, coming across something else
we and the world are here for another conversation

to escape after our conversation


Now I Know
What says the sea
Drawing aside the world

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Born in Tehran-Tehran Living in Vancouver-Canada)

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Autumn Afternoon

sound of a dog who is interested only to syllabic rhythms
spins in the silence of Westwood
in front of Stephen Cross' house
a squirrel- surrounded by crows - wants her oak
lazy sun has been with me since early morning
like a dreamless warrior
I stand at the door
waiting for a woman with a severe cough to announce the end of everything
should be her
I know
God has created dead ends only for bypass
nothing has been changed
there is nothing to change

Note: This poem is a part of my poetic work under title: ' West-wood-Annihilation News.

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