One Day Poem by Sina Sanjari

One Day

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One day, illusion and imagination will be lost
Uncertainty and finality will be lost
One day the Earth with the impossible form
will be lost in the impossible gravity

Friday, November 6, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: science fiction
Melvina Germain 06 November 2015

Deep and unique, much food for thought...if this happens all at once then we all return to the stars, having been stardust within human beings we then make a total transition and the earth is no more as we know it. Wow! we'll all be suspended in space and move forward in a spiritual existence. I like that very much and I'm ready...fabulous poem.....

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Sina Sanjari 06 November 2015

Melvina, how come two persons have the same self image and aspiration? This I believe is for the common air of poetry we breathe every day! Thanks to your comment I

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Mj Lemon 06 November 2015

A wonderful work, with so much meaning. If I read Earth as all the people, the communities on this planet, and impossible gravity as the serious nature with which we treat problems and obstacles...I feel a sense of optimism. An excellent work.

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Sina Sanjari 06 November 2015

Mj Lemon; Many many thanks. appreciate that.

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Jaishree Nair 06 November 2015

A nice illusion on illusion. Thanks

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Souren Mondal 06 November 2015

'Uncertainty and finality will be lost' that would be quite a situation.. thanks for sharing Sina..

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