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Fear The Rain

I Fear the Rain!
The very sound of it is like nails to a chalk board
It has no mercy on people like me
when it rains I do not hear the soothing pitter patter, I hear screams


Words of the heart I cannot speak, voices in my head they never leave. Pain felt deep in my soul does not escape, darkness penetrates, seeps through my cape.

Reflection In The Water


The limit to your existence.
Noone knows how long or short it is.
Noone can predict when you'll reach your end of the rope.
If you waste your life on dwelling on the past,


Black is conciquence of evil
Black is punishment to horrors
Red is chaos through out eternity
Death comes with red

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10 January 2015

Sometimes the mistakes we make in this world become better, others worse. But no matter the outcome, they are never truely mistakes.

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Rowan Welch 05 May 2014

As the eternal light that you have given my heart realizes it's failure to extinguish, I only pray that you may hear my cry for you. I love you!

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I started writing poems in middle school my seventh grade year. It started when a friend of mine was writing some pretty dark poetry about her non-existent depression. I ended up trying to write some and a lot of mine turned out to be darker than her's.
so, i have gotten some measages from some fans of my work or those who just want to be my frien ...

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