Smack Thompson

Rookie (February 14th,1971 / Athens Georgia)

Smack Thompson Poems

1. Soup 1/13/2012
2. I Got With Her Once When She Was Drunk 1/13/2012
3. Crabs 1/13/2012
4. I Also Write Fiction Stuff 1/13/2012
5. Lenin 1/13/2012
6. Favortism For Established Poets 1/13/2012
7. The Cycle 1/13/2012
8. Trechery 1/13/2012
9. Once Upon A Time 1/14/2012
10. Gutter Knees 1/16/2012
11. Out The Window Of The Place I'M Staying 1/19/2012
12. The Drums At The Execution 1/19/2012
13. Happy Happy 1/18/2012
14. No Firecrackers On July Fourth Is A Bummer 1/26/2012
15. I'M Tired Of Poems Eat A Mushroom Green Leg 1/29/2012
16. Boatless In Seaattle 1/30/2012
17. Where Am I From? 2/3/2012
18. Floss 2/6/2012
19. Czolgosz Gots Style 2/6/2012
20. John T. 2/6/2012
21. Steel Wool 2/29/2012
22. Northern Plains 5/3/2012
23. Smack Is Back And He Is Hungry 5/3/2012
24. Great Grandma 1/13/2012
25. Gun Club 1/13/2012
26. People Looking At Fish 1/24/2012
27. Claire 1/17/2012
28. 41 2/14/2012
29. If I Made A Cowboy Movie It Would Be Like This And You'D Love It 2/16/2012
30. Tommy Perkins Really Is A Stupid Jerk 2/23/2012
31. What If I Was Just Your Mirror Self? 2/23/2012
32. Seriously Lady Shut Up 1/19/2012
33. Bottle Rot 5/3/2012
34. I'Ve Got A Roach Living In My Mouth So If That Grosses You Out Here's Your Fair Warning 3/9/2012
35. Iktomi's Got A Nice Web But I Like His Smile Best 3/20/2012
36. Rich Kids In Black 1/13/2012
37. Still Hate Tommy Perkins 1/13/2012
38. Snooki Nicole And Tom Waits And Shirts 2/5/2012
39. Vicodin And Wine 1/26/2012
40. How's This For Breaching Your Comfort Zone? 1/25/2012

Comments about Smack Thompson

  • Bulletcookie 2017 Bulletcookie 2017 (3/9/2012 10:53:00 PM)

    Smack lives in Seattle. The probable place of birth of Skid row. Smack is at home but homeless in his sojourns through the urban jungle and the forgotten souls of society. In our dash to self-destruction, Smack reminds us that, in the best of times and the worst of times, what matters is our humanity to each other. His poetry speaks for all of us.

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  • Charles Darkly (2/7/2012 6:50:00 PM)

    Smack Thompson is either completely insane or a certifiable genius...possibly both. Once you've been sucked into Smack's bizarre but truthful world, you won't be able to leave because you won't want to anyway, and because you won't be able to get his gritty take on reality out of your head. Smack is also an extremely nice and funny guy.

  • Sara Fielder Sara Fielder (2/3/2012 9:28:00 AM)

    Reading Smack Thompson makes me feel like I have just finished a tragic novella. You hate that's it's over and you can't wait for the next installment. Phenomenal talent.

  • Jonny Brackney Jonny Brackney (1/18/2012 8:30:00 AM)

    A one-of-a-kind poet. Homeless and most likely uneducated, Smack has a natural gift for arranging words in a way that vividly describe his dark world through the art of wonderful and haunting poetry. Smack Thompson should be famous.

Best Poem of Smack Thompson

Plague Plague Plague

Dead dog dead dog
Guts all down the freeway
in a dirty red streak
fur all mangled lookin
like Bob Dylan's hair

Plague plague plague

My dog's name was Missi
after this cousin I kinda
didn't like
but I never hated either
one to where I wanted
a dead cousin or dead dog dead dog

Plague Plague Plague

My cousin never writes
so I don't know what's up with her
but I know I got a dead dog dead dog
hit by a semi and pasted on the freeway
like gaudy modern art

Plague Plague Plague

Missi was a boy and he was a good ...

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Rich Kids In Black

Sometimes when I sit hoping for some change

or a burger

these kids come up and they're dressed in nice clothes

but they have all these stupid spikes and makeup

like those guys from kiss

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