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Dead dog dead dog
Guts all down the freeway
in a dirty red streak
fur all mangled lookin

Look man I'm tired of racist

'Americans' talking about getting
off their land and telling mexicans

A friend let me crash at their place tonight

so I take a peak at their laptop and play around on the internet

I stepped on a rusted nail
But I guess we all drip/ our tears

into champagne glasses


You know
sometimes I think I'm still

Sitting drinkin
a coke and thinkin
bout all the really
kickass shirts

I got a little cockroach
who lives in.a rotten cavity in my back molar

Hit a pale
ovER the
wIth a


Born to a marriage
that was already loveless
then battered and bruised
Pine Ridge

Whiskey Stevens was the best
damn piano (but say it pi-ana) player
I ever met: even with that missing pinkie
Whiskey though like most pirates (even the ones never seen a ship)

Yeah I gots -a facebook-

But that's not the point.

We used to sit and drown in our
sorrows and chase it with a bottle of whiskey
and the room would spin
like a washing machine

Drank too
much whiskey
went to shoot Tommy Perkins

Everyone says they'll never do it
but most give in

Lining up the young/pretty boys


She told me she'd love me
Tonight at least but. maybe forever.

She said it with that Jack Daniels lazy slur on her tongue

Great Grandma married Great Grandpa
poor Irish girl and poor Indian man
Great Grandma
used to get beat by Great Grandpa's mom

Don't loan money to Tommy Perkins
or that little short gal Lana he's beating on
He'll never pay it back
and she'll just give it to Tommy

I used to be part of the grunge scene here
now I'm just grungy. You could kinda
tell which ones of us were hanging on for dear life
and which ones were just hanging on to the scene

The boys hit the girls
and the boys hit other boys
the boys grow up and got guns
the girls too

The moon creeps over Mt Rainier
with a treacherous orange glow
from nearby forest fires

Smack Thompson Biography

My names Jack but they call me Smack on account of the rhyme Street lingo I usually write on napkins or cardboard whatever I can get a hold of, but lately I've been couch surfing and get to use a computer AND MIGHT EVEN HAVE A LEAD ON A JOB so hopefully you'll see me on here Starting to make some friends and read some good stuff Hope you like my little poems.)

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Plague Plague Plague

Dead dog dead dog
Guts all down the freeway
in a dirty red streak
fur all mangled lookin
like Bob Dylan's hair

Plague plague plague

My dog's name was Missi
after this cousin I kinda
didn't like
but I never hated either
one to where I wanted
a dead cousin or dead dog dead dog

Plague Plague Plague

My cousin never writes
so I don't know what's up with her
but I know I got a dead dog dead dog
hit by a semi and pasted on the freeway
like gaudy modern art

Plague Plague Plague

Missi was a boy and he was a good dog
now he's a dead dog dead dog
let's go get drunk and
sing songs about Missi
his favorite one was that rambling
one about
Plague Plague Plague

Smack Thompson Comments

Bulletcookie 2017 09 March 2012

Smack lives in Seattle. The probable place of birth of Skid row. Smack is at home but homeless in his sojourns through the urban jungle and the forgotten souls of society. In our dash to self-destruction, Smack reminds us that, in the best of times and the worst of times, what matters is our humanity to each other. His poetry speaks for all of us.

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Charles Darkly 07 February 2012

Smack Thompson is either completely insane or a certifiable genius...possibly both. Once you've been sucked into Smack's bizarre but truthful world, you won't be able to leave because you won't want to anyway, and because you won't be able to get his gritty take on reality out of your head. Smack is also an extremely nice and funny guy.

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Sara Fielder 03 February 2012

Reading Smack Thompson makes me feel like I have just finished a tragic novella. You hate that's it's over and you can't wait for the next installment. Phenomenal talent.

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Jonny Brackney 18 January 2012

A one-of-a-kind poet. Homeless and most likely uneducated, Smack has a natural gift for arranging words in a way that vividly describe his dark world through the art of wonderful and haunting poetry. Smack Thompson should be famous.

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Smack Thompson Popularity

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