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Born in 1993, I am working with a publishing house in Kolkata at present. The love for trying to put my thoughts on paper commenced at an early age. Apart from writing poetry, I provide vent to my thoughts and emotions by means of writing short stories, lyrics etc. I am an ardent lover of music.

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Time To Pretend

When life gets stationary
Like a mossy stone,
When time feels like
A claustrophobic cul-de-sac,
When people pelt stones at you
Like a pack of snarling stray-dogs,
It is felt that we must pretend;
Aye, it's time to pretend,
For, being unmasked, you can't
Survive in the midst of
An unruly mob of
Masked people with
The same visages.
Hence, all must pretend;
It's time to pretend.

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22 July 2019

A poet gives birth to a poem, just as a mother gives birth to a child. The child looks after its mother when it becomes grown, so, does a poem take care of its poet, when it becomes well known.

06 June 2020

Beware, always, of a company fraud and fake; It can ensnare you, putting our loving life at stake.

Somali Mukherjee Popularity

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