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When life gets stationary
Like a mossy stone,
When time feels like
A claustrophobic cul-de-sac,

'Life' is a short word,
But it means just everything;
It goes on and on.

The truth is firm;
It is always holy;
It does never harm,
But, is really

All our relationships are created
By God since our birth, but, we all
Can too make something, and that's friendship.
May our true friendship last forever!

None can hide your flair;
The gunpowder must catch fire
And make you shine through.

You began to write the history of your life
With a kind of fear;
I know not why you are so great;
O, Helen, to me, you are so dear.

I burn midnight oil;
All day do I toil;
Yet, don't get success;
Life is full of mess;

It would have been even more splendid,
If a fountain had started to flow,
Through the titanic mountains afar,
Wrapped up with pure, white snow.

The shower of sapless leaves,
Dancing in the midst of them,
My deep despair do they cleave;
I'm never more the same.


Constant Corona-fear
Sets us all in tears;
The dirge at us leers;
O, hear, O, hear,

The more you write,
The more 'exact' you will be;
The more you fight,
The more challenged you will be.

In the midst of a thousand works,

Full of empty and juggling jerks,

The cosmic order comprises
Harmony among all things:
Nature, and man, and virtues.
Yes, our virtues hold us

Give me more pressure;
Generate the gem in me
Just like a diamond.

I learn from you,
O, blade of grass;
Trodden are you
By the mass.

The sun goes down;
The moon comes up;
The stars do drown
In the sun's club.

My heart gnaws me down,
Shattering my all to the ground.
Human nature is treacherous,
Hindering in keeping promises;

Like a newborn babe
Girdled by
A colony of ants,
Like a bird in

Somali Mukherjee Biography

Born in 1993, she is working with a publishing house in Kolkata at present. The love for trying to put her thoughts on paper commenced at an early age. Apart from writing poetry, she provides vent to her thoughts and emotions by means of writing short stories, lyrics etc.)

The Best Poem Of Somali Mukherjee

Time To Pretend

When life gets stationary
Like a mossy stone,
When time feels like
A claustrophobic cul-de-sac,
When people pelt stones at you
Like a pack of snarling stray-dogs,
It is felt that we must pretend;
Aye, it's time to pretend,
For, being unmasked, you can't
Survive in the midst of
An unruly mob of
Masked people with
The same visages.
Hence, all must pretend;
It's time to pretend.

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A poet gives birth to a poem, just as a mother gives birth to a child. The child looks after its mother when it becomes grown, so, does a poem take care of its poet, when it becomes well known.

Beware, always, of a company fraud and fake; It can ensnare you, putting our loving life at stake.

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Somali Mukherjee Popularity

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