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I will stare down into the bottomless pit
Till I see a reflection in it
The abyss never lies
Only deceives the weak, the blind

Alone in the dark, in darkness and doubt,
The mind is a maze, no good thought can sprout
Deep down below in the blackest of holes,
Your sins drag you to hell; the weight on your souls

Of all the poets in the west
He is the best, he is the best
His name is Kelly Kurt
Not one soul would he hurt

Sun sets it is dim of light
No enemy in sight
Battle over end of fight
They cry for death every night

Has someone told you how difficult it is?
To tame the beast within
He growls, he howls, he lynches, he mauls,
He does all he can to taint you with sin

Politicians do make their name
All along playing a dirty game
They have no real guts
Are actually nuts

I have lived and I have died
A thousand maybe more times
Every life that I have lived
I have been inspired to write

There was once a fat, ugly, wife beater
He was also a drunk and a cheater
His chair a hot iron rod
Made by the will of God

Better to be alone than in bad company
Said the wise man to me
The sultan of saints broke his silence
When strengthened seven times in speech by O Lord thee

A girl walking in the moonlit night
Was interrupted by howling fright
A man so smitten
As if wolf bitten

A giant once didn't care for his soul
Sins he would commit eat humans whole
Sometimes would get a fit
Everyone he would hit

Blessings upon you O child
Your tender hands, feet and smile
The day you were born,
The Sun, moon and earth cried

A Politician is like a freak
Does not let the common man speak
He shouts out so loud
Like a rain-less cloud

Alone in this world
Lost in a sea of time
The destinations mocking me,
Where are they taking me

Life's highest goal,
To emancipate the soul
In the beloved's home, I long to be
To make the heart see,

When I hurt you I hurt myself
When I touch you I melt
When I love you, I find myself
If I have broken you, I will mend

'Slay the dragon, slay the beast',
Said the princess at the feast
All the princes and knights had come,
To win the princess and her kingdom

Destiny has taken away your brightest star
No words of solace can heal this scar
Such nobility and gentleness in his face
Blessed are those who stood in the shadow of his grace

A volcano is
Eruption, devastation
Or dormant, and dead

First there was only darkness,
Life was chaos and sadness
Then you created light,
It made the world so bright

The Best Poem Of Ayman Parray

Bottomless Pit

I will stare down into the bottomless pit
Till I see a reflection in it
The abyss never lies
Only deceives the weak, the blind
When the body falls, the soul flies
The mind never dies, but rest it will find
Have I ever helped someone in desperate need?
Was it truly for them or my own greed
Have I ever really sown a good deed to reap in the end
Have I dug my own grave to sleep in the end?

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Ayman Parray Comments

Soul Watcher 10 June 2015

I enjoy reading your poems, Keep Up! waiting for more poems by you.

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Nance Butterworth 22 May 2015

I love Blessings Upon You O Child. You describe perfectly the jubilation a family feels as their lineage extends. There is humor there too in the competitiveness we feel as each family member tries to take a little credit for guessing right or for sharing a common trait with the new one. I felt like I was part of that blessed event.

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Kelly Kurt 08 February 2019

Nosheen gets it. You are a special being among all special beings. Don't let that alter. Be you; be happy! !

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Nosheen Irfan 27 February 2016

Ayman is a poet with a broad vision. His poetry reflects his deepest inner self. He writes from the heart and his heart is beautiful. His poems entertain as well as educate. Best wishes to you Ayman in your poetic journey. I love reading your poems to calm me.

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 22 September 2015

Ayman is a great human being encouraging all his fellow poets. May God bless him with lots of happiness and prosperity in life. Dear Ayman, waiting to see more and more beautiful poems from you. With loads of warm wishes and regards.

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Kelly Kurt 25 August 2015

Ayman is not only a blooming poet but he is my friend. His encouragement of others is matched by his talent. Always eager to compliment and brighten the day of his fellow beings. He has overcome great trials and makes Kashmir proud.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 09 August 2015

Ayman Parray is a Kashmiri Indian poet who has great deal of interest in writing with broad visions. His poems have very deep meaning of real life and he has brought up certain ambitions of exploring literature through art of writing. He is skilled with human affaires. His effort is not only admirable but also acceptable. Words speak by his touch magically to win many hearts of varieties of readers. He is specially gifted of amazing qualities. May God bring happiness for him and his all family members.

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Ayman Parray Quotes

Those who barely know you and judge you by claiming to know all about you are either government spies or fools

Sometimes all you need to write poetry is the goodness of your own heart

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Ayman Parray Popularity

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