Sreekala Sukumaran Poems

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Music Is Endless

Music is life
Music is colorful
Music is passion
Music is soothing.

You And Me

My mind is clear as crystal,
When I think about you dear,
Feel so excited from my heart,
Flowing alluring thoughts of you.

Time Is Priceless

Time we never get back,
It always takes us ahead,
Time is dear to all of us,
It gives sweet memories.

Heart Felt Love

Wandering in the woods for you,
Wanting to meet you dear,
Waiting to know from you,
When can we meet dear?

Does Dream Come True?

I can see the sparkling eyes,
This glitters while looking at me,
Wants to say so many things,
That he spoke through his silence.

The Link Of Destiny

When we saw for the first time,
Just knowing him as a kinsman
Was just yearning to find out,
Who this handsome lad was,

Live Life On Hope

Strange is our life to live
No idea where it leads
But still live on hope
Where is it going to take?

Moods Of The Moon

Moonlight in the beach is awesome,
Moonlight creates lovely mood,
Moonlight makes your mind so fresh,
Moonlight makes you feel pleasant.

How Life Become Meaningless

Nothing is for sure in life,
Everything keep changing,
And Life is so mechanical.

A Lonely Smile

Seeing a child in an orphanage,
Just can’t imagine the plight,
Feeling of sadness arise,
Who had done that mistake?

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