Live Life On Hope Poem by Sreekala Sukumaran

Live Life On Hope

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Strange is our life to live
No idea where it leads
But still live on hope
Where is it going to take?

Meet new people in life
May be just for once
But still live on hope
Will we meet them again?

We make new plans for life
No idea how to manage
But still live on hope
When is it going to attain?

Great effort we make family
Bring up kids to best
But still live on hope
What would be the result?

Children fly when big and built
Again we remain alone
But still live on hope
When will they be back?

All of us live on hope
And it should never end
Until we leave this earth
Always hope for the best...

Dickson Mseti 04 July 2010

this is no just a poem, it is a lecture of that life where hope prevail. keep it up friend

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Hans Vr 01 July 2010

Hope is so important to every human being. 'until we leave this earth, always hoep for the best' So true, I really like this. Very well written, Thanks for sharing

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Hope is the substance that sees us through, like faith! This poem is so enlightening and encouraging.: D

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Hope takes life forward

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Ravi A 30 March 2016

Beyond hope, we are also getting results in life. Don't we? Good results and bad results. Man really can't live just on hope and expectation. Just our hopes won't make us laugh and cry but we do laugh and cry. It shows that we are also getting results. Lord Krishna doesn't promote man to be hopeful and expectant because such a mental situation is bound to get results which can further affect our thoughts and actions. No hope, no expectation and we remain unruffled by the results. So, results must follow out of hope and expectation.

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Robyn Selters 30 March 2016

nice poem! Interesting take on the way one can go through all the phases of life yet still a part remains alone... and hopeful!

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Narayanan Ramakrishnan 30 July 2011

i liked it throughly. what more can be added. hopes on hopes we see each day throough. well penned. Will read more of your poems.Naryanan.R

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 12 July 2010

Hope is riches keep it growing and manifesting…loosing hope is loosing pink of life… Thanks for sharing… Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10

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