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The Swan

At nightfall I glimpse Diana saunter
Amidst the deadly serenity
The zephyr kissed her feathery hair, her dainty feet roved -
The darkness of mortal soul and celestial serendipity
That hid the mighty mysteries through ages that echoed
Of tales supernatural, forlorn, miracles all—astray;
The moonlight breathed into me
Bittersweet flashbacks of an afterlife
The foliage hushed, the evening star shone
I drank from the chalice brimming with the elixir of life.
Through the days my eyes they sensed
The enchantment of my terrestrial sojourn;
At darkness, I gaze strangers from unknown realms pass by
And I felt it all – the magic of moonlight.

When liberty caressed her touch so soft
Like the fragile wings of butterflies
Yet it soared amid the sky above
And conquered – terrain, firmament
The azure and emerald marines they swam-
Queen of universal might.
And so the minutes ticked and destiny wavered
As fate would have her time
Through the unflinching stroke of pain, I sensed
Diana’s sacred tears and her fainter moans of cry
My eyes they saw the hunter with his armed bows
Before they slowly shut the light -
My bleeding defeated spirit
It flickered and failed for her hand
And unto the depths it sunk
Singing the last song till the end.

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02 October 2015

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