Srimayee Ganguly Poems

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The Swan

At nightfall I glimpse Diana saunter
Amidst the deadly serenity
The zephyr kissed her feathery hair, her dainty feet roved -
The darkness of mortal soul and celestial serendipity

Just A Dream Remembered...

I think I know you
For I've seen in the silence of the night-
A debonair silhouette against the mistiness
Before I caught your wayward gleam.

One Little Gypsy Thief

It was a tired old day, when at dusk, I descended
Past the towering orchids; grassy bucolic dreams-
When I saw the nebula of stardust started congealing
In the heaven above where my castles I had built.


Hold thy sighs, fair Mirabilis!
And embrace thy essence in thy cascading drapes;
Gently breathe in THY perfumed enigma…
To fathom why the wait is worth thy finesse.

Two Red Kapoks

The wind heaved a sigh as heavy as mine,
Shoved me strong, swayed my way
Into the fallen inflamed fronds-
With a familiar stranger among them.


......and even now, my solitary passenger
Thou embark in murky steams,
Like a single cloud torn at the seams.
I tug at you like branches reaching out for the sky.

For It Took Just An Embrace

For it took just an embrace to free myself:
Locked with arms against your gossamer shirt!
To toss my head backward in flushed daze
To salve our spirits, with hearts on alert...

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