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I hate myself for this
I hate this person I've become
I hate who I am and who I thought I would never be
I hate my father for making me this way


I made you crazy
I drove a man crazy
and yet I dont know how I made him crazy
it wasnt fair for him to be crazy

Friends Or Acquaintances

Friends are suppose to be the people who love you
to comfort you in your times of distress
and lead you from your misguided steps
and bring you up when your depressed

The Person Within

Ive never felt this feeling before
What is it Im not quite sure?
The emptiness is gone
The pain is slowly going away


On the floor they stand around my body
some not even sure that it was me
the hair styled the same
the clothes I put on before everyone came


Why are we confined to the depths of a phone
The only time in which reality sits true
Then my heart can reach out and speak to you
Where no one can see or judge me or you

I Believe

Lord give me faith and hope cuz Im in need
and my bodies waiting oh so patiently
cuz I believe in you indeed
Is there someone imitating me


Why am I so addicted to these things
who cannot help but savor
these bite sized pieces of sugar
and every time I hear the rumble from a bag

Come To Me

I love him so much
even though it's been so many years
and we fought and killed our fears
and have finally left ourselves good memories


She sits in her lonely house and writes down these tears
but her piece of paper is soaked with her fears
the pen no longer works for the paper tears
her thoughts and her memories are for no one who cares

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