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Sympathize for the woman who cries
pray for her pain that
leaves a stain of teardrops
from her eyes.


The softest touch from you
is your smile when you
see me.
Your caress are your

I need your love.
I need your kisses.
I need your embrace.
I need you in my space.



His presence intoxicates
my soul,

Butterfly Kisses

For the everyday moments missed and silent loving wishes
For the next room where he lays

My shade of Brown defines
only my glow,
my lines of age shine
from the full moon never dull.


In the morning light I awake to you.
In love more than the night fall....
Your face, my pleasure, your name, completes my all.

Who gave you the right to hurt me?
Who said it was ok to strike me?
When did you become owner
of me?

Dreams come true.
Closet is the sky to you.
A single touch of you,is our
deepest thoughts of me and you

She loves like there's no tomorrow,
poured out to you daily like a glass of cold milk it coats every upset moment.

No need to ask for a morning kiss,


I say to you "hear me"!
I stand before you proudly my head hangs for No One.
listen to learn, í said learn to listen...


I was born to my parents
Yolanda only 16 and Bolo a man yet to be.
Born and raised with 5 brothers in my beloved home in


A fallen leaf
from the
highest tree
will glide


His heart is pure and
his love is only for her.
He struggles for perfection
for a sample of her affection.

He wishes her
the best in all that she does,
she says he's too needy.
He praises her beauty, she says he's too affectionate.

I can fly like an eagle over this place called home
I am a rare gem,
my worth is invaluable
I'm stronger than 200 men times 20


I lead
I stumble, but never fall
I am pink and yellow
within my beauty,


I love you with all of my heart as it will slowly mend, it's time our story comes to an end.
I release any hurt and pain in our life, and cherish stolen moments, as you say I am Stephanie and mommy no more.
I take back my life and my being whole-heartedly, most important I take back my true identity.
So long my son, I pray you get all that you deserve.

In the middle of all the chaos, i stand there screaming so loud and yet i hear no sound.
Choking on the madness of blame, fault, shouting, and doubting,
breaking every great thought about me, I'm stepped on like a failure!
Left alone in this dark place, while I'm carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders, every day, slower becomes my pace.

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I am Sister to 5 brothers. I'm wise from Dad, and strength from Mom. I grew up in Happy Valley with love and care. My poems are within me that love to invite all who appreciate. them.)

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A Woman's Secret

Sympathize for the woman who cries
pray for her pain that
leaves a stain of teardrops
from her eyes.
Show concerned compassion
for her sorrow of hurtful words
against her or a love loss
whos soul has gone to fly.
Realize that this woman can be
your Sister, Aunt, Mother, or
your wife.
Sympathize for the woman who cries
For one day you will have to say

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The power of protection has no limits to restrictions.

Resistance against temptation is Self rehabilitation..

Watch your words, Self control has no rewind button.

A crying eye eventually dries, and becomes strong enough to say Goodbye. T48

Even an open door has two sides to its story.

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Stephanie T Castillo Popularity

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