Stewart Watkins Poems

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Underneath The Bridge

Low, way below the wrought, rain and sun-beaten asphalt of man
Dwells empty, hungry, crying souls in search of the Master's plan

Some black and some white, some young and some old

Being There

All these years of blood, sweat, and tears;
the undying will to carry on despite all the debilitating fears

Just being there is what I've longed to see;

Ride It

Up, up arduous hills
Coasting down feeling the thrills

Through the forest and back to asphalt

Passing The Baton

Gun fires blast as chiseled arms and legs begin to rotate
Getting out and kicking is the key, one mustn't hesitate

My leg is ALL mine to run and for me to consume total control

Keep Flying

To soar like an eagle, high, way high in the sky
To explore spaces and places others fear to go, confident my heart knows why
To be self-assured, directed, focused, and free
To fly above the treetops and overlook 'Mother Earth' and know that I must forever be ME


You appear in my sleep like Freddy to dissolve my dreams
You pose as kryptonite to my Superman
If we were a movie, you would be the villain and of course, I would be the hero
Yes, a minuscule Mr. Mcghee to my Incredible Hulk


Evadin' and duckin' like the plague
Spinnin' and shootin' like an Olajuwon fade

My shot! I am shootin'

Never Alone

The dark, darkest night
Oh crescent moonlight

A trace or slight glimmer


Rustling sounds abound
Children hiding but soon are found

Laughter and cheer in the air

Haiku - 64

Magpies in the sky
Butterflies kissing daisies
A cool breeze draws nigh

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