Stewart Watkins Poems

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Never lose that luminous light
Especially when the veil of night befalls
Always continue the good fight
Even when dreams seemingly forestall

Remember When?

Memories so many scratching at my brain
So many to ponder just wondering why things can't be the same

But silly of me to conjure such thoughts

Underneath The Bridge

Low, way below the wrought, rain and sun-beaten asphalt of man
Dwell empty, hungry, crying souls in search of the master's plan

Some black and some white, some young and some old

Why I Smile

I stared the ugly truth in its face
Then I boldly walked away from shame and disgrace

So many beautiful years were taken

Satch (Tanka 76)

Jazz extraordinaire
Big Satchel Mouth a-blowin'
Trumpet a blarin'
New Orleans Second Lining

Book Of Life

You are the author of this book
The words, sentences, paragraphs, and chapters
Write, and write well, so nothing is mistook
So this book, your book, can dwell hereafter

Being There

All these years of blood, sweat, and tears;
the undying will to carry on despite all the debilitating fears

Just being there is what I've longed to see;

The Other Day

I went down by the river
just the other day
I sat on my favorite granite
as I gently caressed a kyanite

The Greatest, Still

In 1960, I was introduced to the world in a place called Rome
A place where gladiators battled at center stage, a place so far away from home
Young, robust, handsome; nah, 'pretty' that's right, 'pretty'
A product of Louisville, Kentucky with so much confidence, promise, and ability

Just Drop

On the floor or the ground
It doesn't matter just as long as you get down

Get down for your health

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