Remember When? Poem by Stewart Watkins

Remember When?

Rating: 4.7

Memories so many scratching at my brain
So many to ponder just wondering why things can't be the same

But silly of me to conjure such thoughts
Desperately grasping for the past when flux is the corridor the creator wrought

So this path I must continue to travel
Meandering through the sweet joys and strifes as the knot of life unravels

Remember when time just seemed to stand still?
Not wanting the moment to end because everything was so surreal

Remember when everything seemed so easy even though we knew they were not?
Working, living, playing, learning, loving, and all idiosyncrasies we simply forgot

The laughter and cries, the joy and pain
We lived earnestly and courageously never showing an inkling to complain

Sweet recollections and reflections I will carve a space in my mind and heart
But the travel down this corridor must continue where new experiences will soon become old memories and an ending a new start

Kesav Venkat Easwaran 20 April 2023

The journey beyond Time, within Time. Well written monologue

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Stewart Watkins 20 April 2023

Thank you.

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Jayne Louise Davies 19 April 2023

So true! We learn to move on x Thanks for sharing.

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Stewart Watkins 19 April 2023

My pleasure. Peace and light.: -)

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