Sukanta Mohapatra

Sukanta Mohapatra Poems

1. Boxes For Her 7/11/2015
2. Please Say Me To Cry 7/13/2015
3. Raindrops 7/20/2015
4. Paint A Rainbow For Me 8/6/2015
5. Girl In Rain 8/12/2015
6. Don'T Laugh At My Dreams 8/23/2015
7. My Fears 8/30/2015
8. Slum Dreams 10/22/2015
9. Haughty Mountain 11/2/2015
10. My Last Card 11/28/2015
11. Rat Race 1/11/2016
12. Verandah 2/25/2017
13. The Day I Died 11/30/2015
14. Silhouette 12/9/2015
15. And I Sneezed 12/17/2015
16. : Skeletons In My Cupboard: 11/12/2015
17. Come! Let's Create God 11/27/2015
18. Autumn Nights 9/21/2015
19. Serial Killer 9/28/2015
Best Poem of Sukanta Mohapatra

Serial Killer

I just tolerated
When beautiful women
In designer sarees invaded
Our living room..
…Women who wore
Glittering ornaments
And talked nothing but
Brides and bridegrooms…

My logic hid
When witches chanted mantras
Kid ghosts ran helter-skelter
When a lady turned Into a snake
And I secretly wished
For a snake charmer….

I turned my ears deaf
When everybody
Discussed about Sasural of Simar
And hid my envy
When my wife eulogized
That dancing star Amar..

But this is too much
Actor killed last week’s episode
Came alive now, ...

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Girl In Rain

I burned as rain kissed her
Showing fake intimacy
Caressing her body
While she looked up in ecstasy

I seethed in desire
As water trickled down
Making her surrender to their whims
Her body radiating heat through the wet gown

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