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I just tolerated
When beautiful women
In designer sarees invaded
Our living room..

Don’t peep inside
You may not like
What I kept inside for long
Away from world’s prying eyes

: Come! Let’s create God:

Let us divide our God.

The day I died
I watched my body closely
While drifting above
When everybody cried..

What is hidden by light,
Silhouette reveals
It lets you caress the darkness
Decorating dreams as real..

I was all dressed to kill
My heart reassured me
She would fall for me
Head over heels…

Slowly but steadily
I am falling for
the trap of autumn night,

"Run, run! " they all cheer
"Win the race, run faster
Never care for who is ahead

Verandah joins the worlds
separated by the door frame;
pushes back the outside chaos
from breaking into the inner calms...

I knew I lost her
As she haughtily
Placed all her cards
Kings and aces..

Dreams queue up to enter
the sleepy slum’s greedy mouth
It gobbles up them all

Haughty Mountain,
Looks down arrogantly to the valley bellow
Clad in sparse foliage and rocks
Remain speechless when a fleeting cloud

Come let us
Put her in boxes
Boxes that we are building
Since the day she was born…

I did not cry
When they hurled
Words sharp and pointed
I simply hide from world

Knocking at my window
Trying to touch my face

Paint a rainbow for me
Splash colors on my horizon
Change this monotonous grey sky
With a colorful vision

I burned as rain kissed her
Showing fake intimacy
Caressing her body
While she looked up in ecstasy

: : : Don’t laugh at my dreams: : :

Don’t laugh at my dreams
Calling me a dreamer

Fears, my fears
Whisper in my ears
They always try
To steal my cheers..

The Best Poem Of Sukanta Mohapatra

Serial Killer

I just tolerated
When beautiful women
In designer sarees invaded
Our living room..
…Women who wore
Glittering ornaments
And talked nothing but
Brides and bridegrooms…

My logic hid
When witches chanted mantras
Kid ghosts ran helter-skelter
When a lady turned Into a snake
And I secretly wished
For a snake charmer….

I turned my ears deaf
When everybody
Discussed about Sasural of Simar
And hid my envy
When my wife eulogized
That dancing star Amar..

But this is too much
Actor killed last week’s episode
Came alive now, thanks to the director
Enough is enough
Hand me over the remote
I want to be a serial killer…

© Sukanta Mohapatra

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Sukanta Mohapatra Popularity

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