Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal Sun Poems

Sun Eclipse

Moon exclaimed! “My revenge is over”
All these years Sun made blanket cover,

Sun N Son

Something has gone wrong with meaning of words,
'Sun' and 'Son' beautiful creation of lords,
Both represent energy having sharpness of swords,
Both are crucial for survival and existence of world,

Sun Ready To Set

Sun ready to set in west,
Delivery of goods at best,
Half circle complete from east,
Time to go but no more rest,

The Sun To

I look at them
And want to tell
About secrets of woman
Who is human too?

Rising Sun

Some people are firm believer of rising sun
Prayers in the morning and then only run
Toil hard to earn bread in hot after noon
Some people do think of star and bright moon

Rise With The Sun

Rise with the sun
Saturday,24th July 2021

Rise with the sun

Sun Beam

Sun beam

Why are we not ready?
To receive blessings from an almighty

The Sun Emerges

The sun emerges
Saturday,17th April 2021

I don't want to miss

Let Sun Also Shine

I gazed into her questioning eyes
“Why did not you call me or try?
I never knew first contact may turn so sweet
I too was eager to see her and greet

Under The Scorching Sun

Under the scorching sun
Tuesday,11th may 2021

You are never gone

The Sun In Sky And

The sun in sky

The sun has remained
Symbol of brightness and maintained

In Sun Beam

Keep ship in readiness
Let it clearly reflect on face
Make it known that you are in command
Your ambassador of your own brand

The Sun Has Role

The sun has dominant role to play
No one can suggest any best way
Whole of world energy is depended upon
No other alternative can be thought even

The Sun Rays

The sun rays
Sunday,21st April 2019

The sun rays descend directly

The Sun In Sky

The world is fast asleep
Under the cover of darkness to keep
Control over kingdom and enlarge
Its influence on parts called very large

A Sun Not To Set

You might have reached to the highest peak
Your success may have telling effect and loudly speak
Your may appear in record of world books
Still many may term you lair and crook

Birland State-New Sun On Horizon

Birland state-New sun on horizon
Tuesday, November 30,2021
5: 06 AM
New reference

Towards Sun

Towards sun

Not a moment passes without notice
It may look dull when over sans promises

Toiling Under Sun

Toiling under sun
Tuesday,30th October 2018

I will create the scene

The Sun May

The Sun May
Monday,24th August 2020

The sun may brighten the surface

The Sun.... A Reality

The sun … A reality

Tuesday, April 10,2018
9: 56 AM

Look At The Sun

Look at the sun
​​​​​​Sunday,28th, October 2018

It is a very defeated tendency

Tomorrow's Sun

As cold is severe outside
I decide
To go into sleep
With 2014 to keep in mind

Good Sun Shine

Good sun shine

So far nothing good
Nature is not at all understood

With Rising Sun

Wishes are like dream of heaven
Evaporate when eyes open
Find reality with naked truth
We all realize the truth

Only Rising Sun

Never stop
After reaching top
That is not an end
Bow before lord and bend

Sun Surfaced

Sun surfaced
With red face
Rose to height
Spread all over light

Rise Of Sun

I have always wondered
And many times ventured
To know more about blazing sun
With full of energy and never short of run

Sun Never Sets

Sun never sets
Thursday,11th July 2019

Only once and no more

The Sun Rose

The sun rose as usual
Everything seemed casual
Birds chirped on branches
Used happily each branch

The Sun Light

The sun light breaks sound sleep
I get up and try to keep
Good mood to look through window
Birds come near window and go

Side With The Rising Sun

Side with the rising sun
Thursday,29th April 2021

Always be positive

में सुन रहा हूँ.. Me Sun Raha Hun

में सुन रहा हूँ

तुम ऐसे आये जीवन में
एक बहार सी छा गयी उपवन में

Worship Sun

People always worship rising sun
That is tendency of each human
And why not should it happen?
No one shall prefer the setting of the sun

The Sun Is Yet To Appear

With all its mighty show, the Sun is yet to appear
I sleep on my cot without any fear
Eyes still look sharp at the sky
Remains very much enthusiastic and ready to fly

The Sun

Let thousands of light combine
It can't, in fact, compare to shine
Sun has remained source of energy
Certainly a divine gift from almighty

A Sun Blaze

It might have definitely rained somewhere
The sun was not to be seen anywhere
The clouds were running here and there
Some sort of clash was there to fear

Behind Sun

I felt shy
I do not know why?
I knew no reason
But it was for person

Sun's Shine

Sun's shine

I saw with keen interest
As she was at her best

Darkened Sun

Darkened sun
Wednesday, August 26,2020
8: 17 AM

Sun Chariot

Who pulls sun chariot?
The son did insist
I did not want him to be wrong answer
So I said only God or creator

New Sun Light

New sun's light

I got up to witness
New sun's light on face

The Sun Rises

The sun rises

Friday, March 16,2018
6: 43 AM

The Sun Mayappear

The sun may appear
Monday,12th October 2020

The sun may appear soon

Only Shines Sun

It is Almighty’s plan
Someone is looking gorgeous swan
Sailing on water with elegant style
What are we to think for meanwhile?

Sun May Shine And

Sun may shine and
Saturday,4th April 2020

Day and night

Sun To Smile

Sun to smile
Thursday,14th May 2020

Why am I afraid of darkness?

A Sun Shine To Hold

Nothing should be told or whispered in haste
It will be sheer unwise or waste
Wait for opportune time and hold the taste
The beautiful smile will do the rest

The Sun Heats Up

The Sun heats up
Thursday,29th October 2020

The sun comes exactly overhead

Let The Sun Rise

Let the Sun rise

Sunday, January 21,2018
6: 11 AM

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