Sunprincess Poems

1. Amidst The Shining Stars 8/11/2015
2. Spirit Of The Autumn Sun 11/20/2015
3. Our Super Special Planet...Muaahhh I Love You 12/16/2015
4. A Beautiful Connection 12/29/2015
5. Mystical Migration Of The Monarch Butterflies 12/30/2015
6. In An Ancient Cathedral 1/31/2016
7. The Woodpecker 1/31/2016
8. Thank You Poemhunter, Your Blog Is Amazing! 1/31/2016
9. When An Apple Tree Is Cared For.. 2/6/2016
10. In The Not So Distant Future.. 2/6/2016
11. And The Award Goes To... 2/8/2016
12. Upon These Shores Forever? 2/10/2016
13. A Kaleidoscope Of Glowing Color 2/11/2016
14. Love Always 2/12/2016
15. Sparkling Stars 2/12/2016
16. Even If I'm Only Dreaming 2/7/2016
17. When All Was Lost 2/8/2016
18. Little Red Riding Hood Enjoying A Summer's Day 2/20/2016
19. The Man Of The Hour 2/21/2016
20. Knowledge 2/22/2016
21. A Love That Is Real 2/25/2016
22. Valhalla 2/25/2016
23. If Only, I Could Capture Him 2/27/2016
24. Grandmother 3/9/2016
25. Once Upon A Time, Chicago Was A Dream 3/9/2016
26. Blossoms On The Dogwood 3/9/2016
27. Cause We Admire And Love Him So 3/11/2016
28. What If.. 3/11/2016
29. Darling Bumblebee 3/11/2016
30. An Ancient Xylophone 3/12/2016
31. Like A Blue Moon 4/13/2016
32. Love Is A Red Rose 4/14/2016
33. Like Swinging On A Moonbeam 4/15/2016
34. The Beauty Of Love 4/15/2016
35. Our Choices, Our Destiny 4/18/2016
36. Come Fly With Me 4/18/2016
37. Fantasy 4/18/2016
38. Light 4/18/2016
39. Like That First Kiss We Can't Get Enough 4/19/2016
40. Co2, Me And You 4/19/2016

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O' Silvery Moon

o' silvery moon,
from where did you come
you shine your light upon us
a reflection of the sun!

o' silvery moon,
so serene and so bright
you're warm sweet smile
is lighting up our night!

o' silvery moon,
until life's golden end
you visit us every night
you are a loyal friend!

o' silvery moon,
you twirling we love to see
the sky is your ballroom
and you dance so gracefully!

o' silvery moon,
always looking for romance
I know where love is
it's found in paris, france!

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I Love To See You Smile

Oh yes this is absolutely true
your smile is the most gorgeous
and is filled with promises
of love and dreams from you
I love to see you smile
cause I smile when you smile
and if you laugh
I can’t help but laugh too
everyday I love to see you smile

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