Magical Is The Sunlight Poem by * Sunprincess *

Magical Is The Sunlight

magical is the sunlight, each and every day
showing us things of beauty and wonder
like the prettiest blue sky ever, so lovely,
after a stormy night of lightning and thunder
like a small bunny hopping across a green lawn
following a yellow butterfly with the gentle breeze
and prancing into a forest of evergreen, a new fawn
like going scuba diving, it's a joy, it's a delight,
to see a school of striped golden fish in the Caribbean
or even the brightly shining stars on a clear night
seeing any of these is magical and brings a smile
totally filling my heart with happiness :)

magical is the sunlight showing us truth and reality
like leaving animals homeless, oh it's terribly lame
seeing huge swathes of land, now treeless,
oh my, can someone tell me where lies the blame?
like seeing miles of ocean contaminated with oil
as fish are floating lifeless, for the world to see
and solid waste disposal sites contaminating the soil
or in major cities smog is polluting the air
as birds drop dead from the sky, in air once fresh as spring
can someone tell me, does anyone care?
and when I see these things my heart is saddened
to see our home polluted gives me tears!

dear readers, environmental pollution is a real concern
air pollution in large cities is a huge problem
to much unrecycled waste is a major problem
to much deforestation is an even greater problem
find out what you can do to help, research, research, research
like reduce your consumption of goods and services
reuse products and recycle glass, aluminum, plastic and paper
sure you know, most of these products do not break down
and can cause real damage to the environment
donate to organizations supporting the environment in your area
and together we can ensure the planet is here for future generations
Gary H 10 April 2014

Love it, very nice work as always.

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Rishabh Bidya 12 April 2014

Indeed, priceless are the gifts of nature. A great message here, too! ! : D

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Daniel Brick 13 April 2014

Your two-stanza poem shows the bitter reality of the planet: it's half a paradise garden, sweet, abundant, inviting, and. probably the only such planet in the Galaxy, the other half is a degraded, abused, neglected dump yard. It's shocking how clearly a 25-30 line poem can express both the beauty and ugliness of our common home, and yet millions of people who could make a change ignore the reality. Imagine our great-grandchildren writing a poem like this in the early 22nd century: What will the percentage of Garden Space and Dump Yard Space for them? And how will they think of us? I agree with John Westlake's comment below!

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Kanav Justa 21 April 2014

the world is blighted with infinite no of problems, , , , we humans have made a mess of ourselves, , , despite knowing whats wrong and right, , , , we do things that pleases us and we dont care if that thing is bad, , , , wonderful poem that shows your concern to mother nature, , ,

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Valerie Dohren 22 April 2014

Our environment is our life, destroy it and we destroy ourselves. Excellent write Rachel - well said and well done.

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Laura Arwen 06 March 2016

I like very much your poem

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Kim Barney 13 December 2015

Wonderful poem. First stanza so relaxing and then, BAM! You slapped me in the face with the second one. You have highlighted a real concern for this planet. Thank you.

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Ovi Odiete 25 September 2015

This is an amazing piece....... A call to save Mother Nature.....

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Dr Antony Theodore 22 August 2015

and when I see these things my heart is saddened to see our home polluted gives me tears! these lines tell a lot about your idea. thank you for concentrating on such themes and bring it to the poetic world. thank you again. tony

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Ken E Hall 11 December 2014

Great to see a shout to the readers of care for the planet...2 balls of plastic rubbish as big as a small country flow in the middle of the Atlantic and the Pacific the dumping cheers and regards

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