Magical Is The Sunlight - Poem by Sunprincess

magical is the sunlight, each and every day
showing us things of beauty and wonder
like the prettiest blue sky ever, so lovely,
after a stormy night of lightning and thunder
like a small bunny hopping across a green lawn
following a yellow butterfly with the gentle breeze
and prancing into a forest of evergreen, a new fawn
like going scuba diving, it's a joy, it's a delight,
to see a school of striped golden fish in the Caribbean
or even the brightly shining stars on a clear night
seeing any of these is magical and brings a smile
totally filling my heart with happiness :)

magical is the sunlight showing us truth and reality
like leaving animals homeless, oh it's terribly lame
seeing huge swathes of land, now treeless,
oh my, can someone tell me where lies the blame?
like seeing miles of ocean contaminated with oil
as fish are floating lifeless, for the world to see
and solid waste disposal sites contaminating the soil
or in major cities smog is polluting the air
as birds drop dead from the sky, in air once fresh as spring
can someone tell me, does anyone care?
and when I see these things my heart is saddened
to see our home polluted gives me tears!

Topic(s) of this poem: environment

Poet's Notes about The Poem

dear readers, environmental pollution is a real concern
air pollution in large cities is a huge problem
to much unrecycled waste is a major problem
to much deforestation is an even greater problem
find out what you can do to help, research, research, research
like reduce your consumption of goods and services
reuse products and recycle glass, aluminum, plastic and paper
sure you know, most of these products do not break down
and can cause real damage to the environment
donate to organizations supporting the environment in your area
and together we can ensure the planet is here for future generations

Comments about Magical Is The Sunlight by Sunprincess

  • Laura Arwen (3/6/2016 10:00:00 AM)

    I like very much your poem (Report) Reply

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  • Kim Barney (12/13/2015 11:29:00 AM)

    Wonderful poem. First stanza so relaxing and then, BAM! You slapped me in the face with the second one.
    You have highlighted a real concern for this planet.
    Thank you.
    (Report) Reply

  • Ovi-enita Odiete (9/25/2015 4:08:00 PM)

    This is an amazing piece.......
    A call to save Mother Nature.....
    (Report) Reply

  • Dr.tony Brahmin (8/22/2015 7:16:00 AM)

    and when I see these things my heart is saddened
    to see our home polluted gives me tears! these lines tell a lot about your idea.
    thank you for concentrating on such themes and bring it to the poetic world. thank you again. tony
    (Report) Reply

  • (12/11/2014 2:27:00 AM)

    Great to see a shout to the readers of care for the planet...2 balls of plastic rubbish as big as a small country flow in the middle of the Atlantic and the Pacific the dumping cheers and regards (Report) Reply

  • Elena Sandu (10/31/2014 5:37:00 PM)

    Great poem, thank you for being aware, most grateful for the wonderful spread of beauty and consciousness. (Report) Reply

  • Stephen Katona (7/21/2014 9:38:00 PM)

    You showed me a magical scene of a small rabbit following a butterfly, and then hit me with the reality of what man is doing to our planet. A very powerful way of motivating us all to action. (Report) Reply

  • (5/19/2014 12:34:00 PM)

    This packed a punch, your first stanza shows a breathtaking images and scenery one sees from a Disney film, and then you start to contrast that with the reality of the second stanza showing the disintegration of the myth, as we live in an age of oil spills, deforestation, pipelines, polluting the very essence of our Eden, for the spoils of progress. I think people DO care, not as many as their should be but their are people out their trying to make things better. (Report) Reply

  • Loyd C. Taylor, Sr. (5/18/2014 5:37:00 AM)

    Good morning poet Rachel. I may have read this one earlier. This sure makes one think about what we are doing to our earth and to one another. I enjoyed, Loyd (Report) Reply

  • Tajudeen Shah (5/4/2014 9:13:00 PM)

    Dear blessed bard,
    I am impressed and sit wondering at your honest concerns in such a serious issue of the modern world. Nature laments, rather keeps sobbing on its malignant bruises that man, her intimate inmate causes her. I believe, all the poets, at least, of this beautiful planet might join hands together and write one day, one poem each, exclusively on this issue and publish it digitally and in hard copies, sell across the world, collect a fund and use that fund for water purification, waste management, and most important of all, to educate the public of the gravity of this issue. May God Bless, and let us all be determined to the core to realize this mission. Thank you very much for inspiring those eyes who come across your verses. True, there are many, but what is lacking is consistency in such a sensible stride in saving nature, the absolute blessing from the Lord of the Worlds. Blessings to all who contribute their words and prayers to this cause.
    (Report) Reply

  • Valerie Dohren (4/22/2014 5:26:00 PM)

    Our environment is our life, destroy it and we destroy ourselves. Excellent write Rachel - well said and well done. (Report) Reply

  • Kanav Justa (4/21/2014 11:27:00 AM)

    the world is blighted with infinite no of problems, , , , we humans have made a mess of ourselves, , , despite knowing whats wrong and right, , , , we do things that pleases us and we dont care if that thing is bad, , , ,
    wonderful poem that shows your concern to mother nature, , ,
    (Report) Reply

  • Daniel Brick (4/13/2014 9:50:00 PM)

    Your two-stanza poem shows the bitter reality of the planet: it's half a paradise garden, sweet, abundant, inviting, and. probably the only such planet in the Galaxy, the other half is a degraded, abused, neglected dump yard. It's shocking how clearly a 25-30 line poem can express both the beauty and ugliness of our common home, and yet millions of people who could make a change ignore the reality. Imagine our great-grandchildren writing a poem like this in the early 22nd century: What will the percentage of Garden Space and Dump Yard Space for them? And how will they think of us? I agree with John Westlake's comment below! (Report) Reply

  • Rishabh Bidya (4/12/2014 10:17:00 AM)

    Indeed, priceless are the gifts of nature. A great message here, too! ! : D (Report) Reply

  • Aries Profanisaurus (4/10/2014 7:59:00 PM)

    Very strong with the message running all the way through it. Could even be used by the environmental groups (Report) Reply

  • Gary H (4/10/2014 1:04:00 AM)

    Love it, very nice work as always. (Report) Reply

  • (4/9/2014 4:42:00 PM)

    Great imagery fortold in this poem (Report) Reply

  • Jacob Matuszczak (4/8/2014 9:37:00 AM)

    Beautiful poem! It deserves the highest praise. (Report) Reply

  • Amitava Sur (4/8/2014 8:42:00 AM)

    Very well written Rachel. Thanking you in focusing upon a vital issue where the mankind is directly effected. (Report) Reply

  • Savita Tyagi (4/7/2014 9:50:00 AM)

    Beautiful poem, written so drawing the contrast natural beauty and man made problems. Yes we all should be conscious about it and help improve it in whatever way we can.. (Report) Reply

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