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I shout at Her...
I back answer..
I act rude..
I argue..

Feelings have mounted high,
And this hand begs to write. 
My impatient fingers shiver with the pen,
while my tongue begins to set itself alight.

Herein a tale is told, if God wills, one of the radical mystery to thee will unfold.
The mystery will make manifest the veil, and through every dubiety, your faith will prevail!

There were once three men before the resplendent Sun,

Head bowed down, helplessness within and lack of hopes, made me cry out and shout; “Hey there ‘life’, come teach. Say whatever you want to say, come preach.”

While every minute seemed as an hour long and hours passed like days, the clear sighted man, in his love for the Sun remained amazed!
The silky paths that were made manifest the honeyed streams, the fruits, the melodies and the meadows increased his intoxication and dispelled his woes!

I see this despondent pen galvanised instantly in the clutch of my fingers, methinks it is eager to shed its ink in remembrance of the Beloved of the world; like unto the thousands who poured forth their blood to see the Ark of His Cause sail upon the earth!

O mystic sage in search of thee while swimming the lakes, crossing-valleys, passing day's with hunger and nights without sleep. At last I have found you, washing the dishes at your wife's demand.
I doubt if you are the one I quest for!

Use not the ladder to draw closer to Him.
this ladder made of desires and dust.
What shall ye do when the ladder is gone?

Weakening the chains one link at a time,
freeing self from fetters as I struggle to fly..

A part of me desists my flight,

Just like every other day, I started a New one.
I got fresh and ready, All my prayers were done..

Today for a change, I asked God to teach me a lesson.


When i see this sweet world starting to loose is sweetness....

When i see my fellow humans behaving like demons..
when i see people afflicting their loved ones..

A New year has come, with a yet another chance to earn my diadem.

I have lost respect, I have lost trust, Emotions of others and much more I have crushed.

O Mother, Mother from the sky,
That's from where Angels come by..

You Bring For us Hope.


I make mistakes often, and say i wont do it again...
my conscience warns me, but why do i drown in the well of sins again?

My mind makes excuses, it makes me believe the wrong to be right.

The smiles you smiled since you were a child,
The tears you shed for the things you cant get,
The stories you hear, the songs you sing,
The feelings you feel the people you know.


Behind this veil of Hate, Cheat, Wealth and War
Lie Creations of God you would die For.
Open your eyes to See, All that Matters, is Free.
Everything is Pretty as Long as you want it to be,

How do I start to write down my feelings for you, dad?
How do I put them in words?
How can these lines befittingly voice my emotions?
How can they reach your heart?

I know not where the roads will take me,
I know not what time will make me.

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My name is Suraj Rajendra Motiwala. I am from India; Maharastra, Nashik. All my poems are Baha'i inspired. You can contact me on '')

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My Mother

I shout at Her...
I back answer..
I act rude..
I argue..
I disobey..
Her work I always delay..
I ask her for money..
I constantly ask for help..
I make her angry..
I make her sad..
I always make her feel bad..

Why does she still love me?
I have used words, I made her cry...I made her heart bleed...Why?
why does she still love me?

I always promise to myself not to repeat what I did..
not to hurt her..
not to make her cry..
my promises always break..
And with it..Her heart breaks again...

I fail to understand her feelings..
i fail to appreciate her love...then...why?
why does she still love me?

dear Mom..,
I might always fail...I might always hurt you...
but please don't be angry...please don't leave me...

I swear...I swear i love you...I just don't the way...Still..
like always..please be there for always..please forgive me!

Yours Sincerely..! ! :)

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