sweet seven Poems

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The One I Did Not Become

Hope the sun shine so bright
To make your day bright
Hope the birds can sing
The song I used to sing

I Miss Everything About You

I was walking down the hallway
When a guy pass by running away
I thought it was you for he looks like you
That time sigh was all I can do

Please Be My Strength

Please be my strength
I know its hard
But please be one

My Home Is In You

A home
Doesn’t have four corner post
To call it a home and to stand on its own
As long as your love is strong

Bad Secrets

I hate secrets
It causes lie
Whether it’s a white lie
A lie is still a lie

Thank You And Goodbye

Thank you for the patience
Goodbye to impatient me

Thank you for serenity

The Bridge Called Love

As we travel along our own lives
We meet people at crossroads by chance,
Some people jives along with us
But only few invite us in the Bridge called Love.

I'M In Love

It's been quite a long time
Since I've felt this feeling inside
A magical feeling with no pain
Just joy and true love within


Before the sun rise
Before I open my eyes
Thoughts of you
Were already on my mind

Afraid To Be Alone

On a very serious conversation
He asked me, why so afraid to be alone?
I stopped for a while
And asked myself why

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