I Miss Everything About You Poem by sweet seven

I Miss Everything About You

Rating: 5.0

I was walking down the hallway
When a guy pass by running away
I thought it was you for he looks like you
That time sigh was all I can do

As I continue to walk by
Another guy catches my eye
For he had the same hairdo as you do
Even the eyeglasses you used to wear to

Noticed lovers walking hand and hand
With the sweet smiles on their lips
All of this stuff made me realize
That I am missing you by my side

Suddenly my cellphone beeps
Wishing it was a message to keep
From my one and only sweet
Who got all the magic

I miss the way you burp
Even the way you pretend to snore
Your cute way of saying “’na mo! ”
And the way you touch my nose too

I miss your laughter and your smiles
Especially your hand into mine
I miss you hand around my waist
And the way you ask for a simple kiss

I also miss you natural scent
And the way I smell it on you neck
I miss your text messages
And your little surprises (sigh)

I miss everything about you sweet
Please come home and tell me once more
Magic is worth believing and fighting for
And that we are destined to be forevermore


Elen De Guzman 10 March 2010

, ..deep sigh...it reminds me of me b4..haha...kip on writing! !

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Marisol Smith 27 April 2009

I love this poem...i hope I never have to feel this way. Its beautiful..keep writing.. -Mare

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Jennifer Rondeau 15 January 2006

Wow thats good I can feel what you're saying cuz I feel the same way: (

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