The Bridge Called Love Poem by sweet seven

The Bridge Called Love

As we travel along our own lives
We meet people at crossroads by chance,
Some people jives along with us
But only few invite us in the Bridge called Love.

There’s a bridge called the Parental Love
A worth-keeping bridge called Friendly Love,
But there’s a bridge I’m too afraid crossing
It is the long bridge called True Love.

One day, a special man came into my life
Telling me the bridge was safe enough
That crossing it will be a worthwhile one
Have patience and we’ll reach the end as one.

For quite sometime, we enjoyed traveling for a while
When suddenly the strong bridge become so shaky
Because of an old friend of yours is just passing by
Then tell me “time to return to our old unfinished journey”

As you walked by, the bridge falls into two parts
I tried holding on to save at least my own part
But when I felt the happiness in your heart
I loss the strength and let the bridge falls apart.

Now I’m heading to where my journey has ended
Strolling while waiting till I get invited
Looking at the two of you getting started
To where both of you got stranded.


Liz Munro 02 November 2005

love it. You have exceptional talent sweet steven. liz

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