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Wind rushing in my ears
Roaring as if a lion stood on this beach

Listen to the laughter by the ocean
Listen - the children are rejoicing.

As though incarnate birds chirping

Seeing myself in your eyes
Your world
In your mind
A mystery imagined

Reflections on the mirror
Like shimmering ripples and dimples
On its face, a diamond studded
blanket of snow softening the jagged rocks

Many times, more moons have gone
Memories of Yester and to-day
Wishing she was home. As better memories fade away
He disappears, still onward they roam.

Door opens and never closes
Light eternal shining,
No night to sleep through, to long for you
Through you're name, Morning Star rising

The hulls of her heart
She pulls away- cries Love
With an exhale - sending cold shivers
Across his vulnerable face.

Below a glassy reflection, held still and untouched
No ripples of reality, no hurled stones rest beneath its pressure,
Though I long to be there.

If I still held your hand, I would make you melt,
Your dreams would be mine and in time we would stand,
As strong as the oaks by mountains of love, and rivers of truth
Rush with hope to eternal youth.

Raindrops on my feet offer hope in the middle
of the desert summer. Many prayers and sweat
beads are offered for the feeling.

Grander scenes my eyes have seen
Wrought with cast iron thoughts and schemes
No handle on my imagination
Peering near nothing - perceiving everything


Full moon shines and fades
beyond all the sweetest yesterdays-
once whispered as I stared at my reflection
In the pale lit ocean eyelids - Heightened


Half a world away, yet
Still closer than the one
I'm living in. There is a
world that calls me back again.



Shattered patterns growing trenches
Souls unfold with stories untold
Silenced by rejection.

Lonely loves the quiet.
Only open your eyes in the dark
If your senses fail and all hope
Is lost and finally you can't hold back

A labyrinth of loops and tangles
To fear, leading lives through
Lost Pastures, as panic sets in.

Tonight a voice so calm and gentle,
A voice lives within me.

Subtle, smooth and spiritual, confirming rites and righting wrongs

Every day shines with the lights of heaven
Every question imagined - unanswered.
Shaded under the tree of life
No more bloody blades, no more war

T. Alfred Norman Biography

My passion for poetry soothes the lonliness from my soul. I'm sharing my emotions, my questions, my hopes with you. If you wish to give feedback let me know what they make you think about, how they make you feel about yourself and the world as you see it. My favorite poet is Rilke. I have lived in NC, TN, SC, SD, UT, NV, USA. I graduated from University of North Carolina-Wilmington, where Spanish moss dangles from 300 year old live-oaks by the ocean side and you could swear the trees are draped with eerie tapestries. I am inspired by love and nature. I enjoy hiking, mtn. biking, snowboarding, a good road trip, deep conversations, and really getting to know interesting people.)

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Wind Rushing In My Ears


Wind rushing in my ears
Roaring as if a lion stood on this beach
These plains of sand its Serengheti
Breathing heavy - all around me

The ocean rushing up to shore
Rising tides on the slope of time
Its beauty closer than the horizon
Heaven and destiny containing the sea

Us, shells sheared by fierce elements
Crunching below the rhythmic beat
Searching for something in the deep
These grains of sand I come to roam

Feeling like a wind blown dune
Aboard a ship without mast or sail
I give in and let the Lord prevail
In my heart the man has grown

Wings glide through a Carolina blue sky
As the sun begins to taper and set
Dimming my tears placed there by the wind
And the still waters tell me the day is gone.

Wrightsville Beach, August 20,2004

Inspired by God's creation, the Alpha and Omega. His presence is in the sea, the rocks, the water and wind, in my heart, my soul, my mind and my pen.

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