Ugasi Svetlo Poem by Tanja Bulovic

Ugasi Svetlo

Ugasi svetlo, slusaj me nocas
Kako recima ovim ludujem
Ugasi svetlo i ponavljaj za mnom
Jer sve sto ti kazem zelim da cujem


Turn Off The Light

Turn of the light, listen tonight to me
Going crazy through these words
Turn off the light and repeat after me
For everything I tell you I wish to hear

Allemagne Roßmann 16 September 2011

I feel then i was close.......Serbia if not i know must be having the same scripts like Russia....those areas in Eastern and Central Europe had through ages Slavic influences.In India it came also from a Soviet tribe a person whose name was Qutub-ud-din Aibak and then Ibrahim Lodi who started Slav dynasty and contributed to Northern part of the countrys languages.Thats the reason India is global.We have almost from everything something when it comes the speak.My another side of gene from maternity is from Soviet Union.In fact i knew when i was five Yugo meaning South and Yugoslavia is therefore southern slavic country...i feel todays Serbia-Montenegro, Alexanders Macedonia(it also came to India long back with Greek influences and mixed up with Scythians) , Bosnia-Herzegovina, Yugoslavia, Croatia may well be divided with religious and cultural ideologies fighting each other giving birth to Milosevic like Ataturk, Hitler, Edi Amin and now Gaddafi but they in their bargain never realise that their materials get mixed up through hatred when it comes to jeopardising each others women through rapes, loots, arsons and so on what it saw some 20yrs back after the fall of Communism contributing geographically some states new born from Soviet Union into European Union, the freedom of East Germany and everlasting freedom of Afghanistan-the invulnerable.... Good luck with your Serbian ideologies and blues...the inner soul cannot be always english..

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Tanja Bulovic 15 September 2011

You got the feeling and the meaning without knowing the language... Amazing. I will post translations for my Serbian poems tonight, although you obviously don't need them... And yes, Serbian is my blues.

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Allemagne Roßmann 14 September 2011 very indo-european in is Agrasi or something related to fire or luminescence or light.... Also ponavljaj which in indian is punar liwaz or something repeated..punar meaning again .Slusaj is very slavic or slavonic...comes from Russian i know as Ya schlusayu or I listen through Russian i learnt before for some half a year. Nocas is little bit latin meaning night or this night as such... So as for my keywords i understood u listen to nights luminescence sto is auf german stühl or russian stol for table and ti i know is you The rest though i do not understand Serbian i feel is something related to your blues.... the rest consonants or verbs kazem zelim and cujem i do not know....but must have been something related to the sensations i feel like I feel in brevity of words its a good write though difficult for people without any idea nearabout of the language

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