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1. Beneath All My Lies 4/15/2009
2. A Hug 4/15/2009
3. Welcome To The Show 4/15/2009
4. Dreams 4/15/2009
5. Three Minutes 4/20/2009
6. Why Cant Love Be Simple 4/20/2009
7. Sew Myself Up 4/20/2009
8. Over The Edge 4/20/2009
9. All In The Name Of Love 4/21/2009
10. What We Girls Do Best; 4/21/2009
11. Everywhere I Turn 4/21/2009
12. Lonely 4/21/2009
13. Mistake 5/5/2009
14. Clubbing 5/8/2009
15. I Love You 5/12/2009
16. Our Stars 5/19/2009
17. The New Me 5/25/2009
18. Expectations; 7/15/2009
19. Fearless 7/31/2009
20. Smile Because You Deserve To; 4/20/2009
21. Walls I'Ve Built 4/20/2009
22. Pushing Forward 4/26/2009

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Pushing Forward

why do we run after something that impossible to catch
we know we will never win the end prize
yet we still run, pushing ourselves to be faster, stronger, better
I’ve realized that we don’t just push ourselves to get the wining prize
but just to see how far we get without stopping
and to see the dedication you put forth
and if you try your best, and fail
you won’t go away a loser
but a winner
with a new state of mind
and that is better than any prize that could ever be handed down
nothing is impossible
there’s always an alternative
and a second ...

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Three Minutes

three minutes
three minutes is all it take to fall for you, all over again
three minutes of that one song, replaying over and over in my head
three minutes can take me back to you
three minutes of your face inside my head
three minutes of your touch across my body
three minutes that make you remember the past, whether it was worth remembering or not.
three minutes of joy and pain
three minutes is the only way i can remember you

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