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1. Beneath All My Lies 4/15/2009
2. A Hug 4/15/2009
3. Welcome To The Show 4/15/2009
4. Dreams 4/15/2009
5. Three Minutes 4/20/2009
6. Why Cant Love Be Simple 4/20/2009
7. Sew Myself Up 4/20/2009
8. Walls I'Ve Built 4/20/2009
9. Over The Edge 4/20/2009
10. All In The Name Of Love 4/21/2009
11. What We Girls Do Best; 4/21/2009
12. Everywhere I Turn 4/21/2009
13. Lonely 4/21/2009
14. Mistake 5/5/2009
15. Clubbing 5/8/2009
16. I Love You 5/12/2009
17. Our Stars 5/19/2009
18. The New Me 5/25/2009
19. Expectations; 7/15/2009
20. Fearless 7/31/2009
21. Pushing Forward 4/26/2009
22. Smile Because You Deserve To; 4/20/2009

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Smile Because You Deserve To;

bounce back fast
never look back at what you left behind
there’s a reason why it’s not with you now
smile like today’s your last day
cause yesterday is a day you’ll never get back
laugh until you cry
cause those are the only tears that count
see with not only your eyes
but with your heart
let the nature of the world
capture you and astonish you
keep an open mind
cause with a closed one you will never get far
love like no one’s ever hurt you
even though we all know it aint true
be honest with yourself
and other people
cause your opinion does ...

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A Hug

His hugs embrace me
The tight yet gentle squeeze
I find myself wrapped in your arms,
I lean my head on your shoulder
and the questions seem to go away,
thinking of what this could be
then I realize it cannot
for I am not the only one who desires you heart
we stand holding each other

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