Ted Hughes

(1930 - 1998 / West Yorkshire / England)

Ted Hughes Poems

If you see a poem only with title, it is listed that way because of copyright reasons.
1. Macaw And Little Miss 1/3/2003
2. The Child Is Father To The Man 2/20/2015
3. Lineage 1/3/2003
4. A Woman Unconscious 1/13/2003
5. September 1/3/2003
6. Work And Play 1/3/2003
7. The Minotaur 1/1/2004
8. How To Paint A Water Lily 1/1/2004
9. Theology 1/3/2003
10. Crow's Nerve Fails 1/3/2003
11. Tractor 1/3/2003
12. Old Age Gets Up 1/3/2003
13. Thistles 1/3/2003
14. Relic 10/16/2005
15. Bride And Groom Lie Hidden For Three Days 1/3/2003
16. The Owl 1/3/2003
17. Examination At The Womb-Door 1/3/2003
18. The Warm And The Cold 1/3/2003
19. Crow's Fall 1/1/2004
20. The Harvest Moon 1/3/2003
21. Thrushes 1/1/2004
22. Pike 10/16/2005
23. The Seven Sorrows 10/16/2005
24. Daffodils 10/16/2005
25. Full Moon And Little Frieda 1/3/2003
26. Wind 1/3/2003
27. Hawk Roosting 1/3/2003
28. Lovesong 1/3/2003
29. The Thought-Fox 1/3/2003

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    And cuz The ting goes skrrrahh (ah)
    Pap, pap, ka-ka-ka (ka)
    Skidiki-pap-pap (pap)
    And a pu-pu-pudrrrr-boom (boom)
    Skya (ah)
    Du-du-ku-ku-dun-dun (dun)
    Poom, poom

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  • ISwallowCum (6/2/2018 3:26:00 PM)

    I really like this poem cuz why not, and because 2+2=4-1 that's 3 Quick MATHSSSS!
    My life sucks help me plz

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  • gayboi123 (4/30/2018 5:16:00 AM)

    this sucks my big balls

  • Anonymous (4/21/2018 2:10:00 AM)

    Its not really good

  • lloolllljjjuu (4/6/2018 5:38:00 AM)

    cool stuff man i really liked it thanks

  • vinay kumar (3/28/2018 1:44:00 AM)

    very nice the poem of hawk roosting

  • hugh jars (3/26/2018 8:19:00 PM)

    i quite like these poems, they really butter my croissonntt

Best Poem of Ted Hughes

The Thought-Fox

I imagine this midnight moment's forest:
Something else is alive
Beside the clock's loneliness
And this blank page where my fingers move.

Through the window I see no star:
Something more near
Though deeper within darkness
Is entering the loneliness:

Cold, delicately as the dark snow
A fox's nose touches twig, leaf;
Two eyes serve a movement, that now
And again now, and now, and now

Sets neat prints into the snow
Between trees, and warily a lame
Shadow lags by stump and in hollow
Of a body that is bold to come

Across clearings, an ...

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I found this jawbone at the sea's edge:
There, crabs, dogfish, broken by the breakers or tossed
To flap for half an hour and turn to a crust
Continue the beginning. The deeps are cold:
In that darkness camaraderie does not hold.

Nothing touches but, clutching, devours. And the jaws,
Before they are satisfied or their stretched purpose
Slacken, go down jaws; go gnawn bare. Jaws

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