Ted Hughes

(1930 - 1998 / West Yorkshire / England)

Ted Hughes Poems

If you see a poem only with title, it is listed that way because of copyright reasons.
1. The Child Is Father To The Man 2/20/2015
2. Macaw And Little Miss 1/3/2003
3. Relic 10/16/2005
4. Lineage 1/3/2003
5. How To Paint A Water Lily 1/1/2004
6. The Minotaur 1/1/2004
7. Work And Play 1/3/2003
8. Theology 1/3/2003
9. Tractor 1/3/2003
10. September 1/3/2003
11. Old Age Gets Up 1/3/2003
12. The Owl 1/3/2003
13. Thistles 1/3/2003
14. Crow's Nerve Fails 1/3/2003
15. Thrushes 1/1/2004
16. The Seven Sorrows 10/16/2005
17. Pike 10/16/2005
18. Examination At The Womb-Door 1/3/2003
19. A Woman Unconscious 1/13/2003
20. The Warm And The Cold 1/3/2003
21. Daffodils 10/16/2005
22. The Harvest Moon 1/3/2003
23. Crow's Fall 1/1/2004
24. The Thought-Fox 1/3/2003
25. Full Moon And Little Frieda 1/3/2003
26. Bride And Groom Lie Hidden For Three Days 1/3/2003
27. Wind 1/3/2003
28. Hawk Roosting 1/3/2003
29. Lovesong 1/3/2003
Best Poem of Ted Hughes


He loved her and she loved him.
His kisses sucked out her whole past and future or tried to
He had no other appetite
She bit him she gnawed him she sucked
She wanted him complete inside her
Safe and sure forever and ever
Their little cries fluttered into the curtains

Her eyes wanted nothing to get away
Her looks nailed down his hands his wrists his elbows
He gripped her hard so that life
Should not drag her from that moment
He wanted all future to cease
He wanted to topple with his arms round her
Off that moment's brink and into nothing ...

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The Seven Sorrows

The first sorrow of autumn
Is the slow goodbye
Of the garden who stands so long in the evening-
A brown poppy head,
The stalk of a lily,
And still cannot go.

The second sorrow
Is the empty feet

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