Lovesong Poem by Ted Hughes


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The text of this poem could not be published because of Copyright laws.

Ryan Heap 09 August 2007

Ted hughes is a tool who closed the oven door on a greater poet's head.

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I love this poem. If you enjoyed it, then you might also like my poems 'When I Wake Up Every Morning' and 'So Many Times'.

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Andrew Vylinsky 21 October 2007

That full stop shouldn't be there indeed. But I think it somehow underlines the words about their love, markes them out. Without the first line the whole verse becomes the senseless SM-abracadabra. So it's quite reasonable to make them noticeable in this way. Even if this is a mistake of formatting, it is an apropriate mistake indeed.

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James Niles 14 August 2007

Any cruelty here consists of commenting on the poet rather than the poem, and nobody commits another person's suicide. More than that, I have been unable to get this poem out of my mind, the agony and the wonder of pure chemistry. Who has not had a relationship like this or had one that evolved into this? On one hand the agony is immense but the ecstacy more so, such that you will accept any amount of toxicity, ignoring the good sense of self, friends and family for years or even unto death.

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jkd jkd 22 November 2007

tenderly violent and breathtaking - like love and life

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Aman Chaurasia 23 February 2019

Brilliant outstanding no such word which define this

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Donegan 05 May 2018

Holy freak. I am obsessed. I’m just going to pretend you wrote this for me-read it 50 more times.

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Arifa sayed 09 February 2018

So awesome lovesong

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* Sunprincess * 18 June 2014

.........all the ingredients are here for an explosive... and dangerous type of love.....which usually leads to a crime of passion.....with someone having bullets through their head.....

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David Preece 22 January 2014

The text of this poem could not be published because of Copyright laws. ? ? ? what does this mean? ? ? is there any point looking for any 20th century poems?

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