Bride And Groom Lie Hidden For Three Days Poem by Ted Hughes

Bride And Groom Lie Hidden For Three Days

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Angharad Kitchener 07 March 2006

this is the most wonderful poem i have ever read! ! ! although im young this is my definition of perfect love! ! !

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Duncan Wyllie 25 February 2006

Pieces from different puzzles brought together in a moment of bliss to make an even greater picture.Love Duncan

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Melissa Smithers 11 September 2005

Perfection..The kind of love that knows no beginning or end...the kind filled with tragedy and bliss. The perfect kind that one cannot survive without the other. Walking this planet with a hole in your heart the shape of become one and take on a new being. One of perfect love....perhaps too perfect from the beginning to ever last....just one see them in the next.

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Joan Wymer 08 August 2005

FULL. subtle. resurrection of the purest kind hail mary full of grace ted hughes amazing lace

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Jennifer Oleander 27 January 2009

How can you say it isn't about perfect union? They are completing each other, perfectly. This poem is about the joy and ecstasy a couple finds when they create a perfect union.

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Marina Gipps 04 December 2007

This isn't about a perfect union...I don't know how anyone can say that.

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Devika Rao 31 July 2007

This poem is a best example for the perfect union.Really it takes time to create perfect being.It may also read as a poem which celebrates the birth of the upcoming baby which shares the nature of both mother and father.

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Brian Dorn 23 July 2006

It sounds like she has erected the perfect mate.

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Michael Shepherd 30 April 2006

This deserves a place among the world's great original poems - and should translate well. But will the person who posted it check the end of the line 'can easily' which looks ungrammatical or wrongly punctuated, and correct the spelling of 'stitches', and just check it all again?

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