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Terry Wiens Poems

1. Life Long Memories 5/30/2011
2. Nature's Battle 5/30/2011
3. The Beginning 5/30/2011
4. Dreamlover 5/31/2011
5. Hidden 5/31/2011
6. Attainment 6/1/2011
7. Let It Come 6/1/2011
8. Life's Journey 6/1/2011
9. Memory Embraced 6/2/2011
10. Friends And Self 6/2/2011
11. Our Travelled Road 6/2/2011
12. Shining Son 6/2/2011
13. A Parent's Love 6/4/2011
14. Till Death We Do Part 6/4/2011
15. The A, B, C's Of Despair 6/4/2011
16. The Conflict Of Nature 6/4/2011
17. Your Own Worst Enemy 6/1/2011
18. The Spiritual Warrior 5/30/2011

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The Spiritual Warrior

I sit here quietly under the dark night skies,
My face is warmed by the tears from my eyes,
The glitter of stars so distant and cold,
Not unlike the love I would hold,
The night air around me is crisp and clean,
The irony of love to my soul is so mean.

I must be strong I am always told,
I’ll use up my strength before I get old,
The source of my strength is fed by love,
But how do you eat the wings of a dove,
They are beyond my reach and one of a kind,
The essence of love is so hard to find.

The food of love to strength is sweet,
The ...

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The Beginning

You entered this world so fragile and soft,
With tears in my eyes I held you aloft,
My being pulsed with unbelievable joy,
This wondrous bundle my baby boy.

Your mother smiled watching us two,
The love we felt radiating for you,
I smiled back with a twinkle in my eye,
I never realized how the time would fly.

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