Terry Wiens

Terry Wiens Poems

1. Life Long Memories 5/30/2011
2. Nature's Battle 5/30/2011
3. The Beginning 5/30/2011
4. Dreamlover 5/31/2011
5. Hidden 5/31/2011
6. Attainment 6/1/2011
7. Let It Come 6/1/2011
8. Life's Journey 6/1/2011
9. Memory Embraced 6/2/2011
10. Friends And Self 6/2/2011
11. Our Travelled Road 6/2/2011
12. Shining Son 6/2/2011
13. A Parent's Love 6/4/2011
14. Till Death We Do Part 6/4/2011
15. The A, B, C's Of Despair 6/4/2011
16. The Conflict Of Nature 6/4/2011
17. The Spiritual Warrior 5/30/2011
18. Your Own Worst Enemy 6/1/2011
Best Poem of Terry Wiens

Your Own Worst Enemy

You wake up in tears, to begin your day,
You already know, a rough one’s on the way.
People see you as happy, people see you as strong,
What people don’t know is they are dead wrong.

You’ve build a façade, all through your life,
But raging within you is conflict and strife.
You find yourself crying, from out of the blue,
You thought you were stable, now what do you do.

You live for so many, the friend that they need,
You spend all of your time, being helpful with deed.
But deep in yourself, you know what is true,
You’ve never been happy; your soul...

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The Beginning

You entered this world so fragile and soft,
With tears in my eyes I held you aloft,
My being pulsed with unbelievable joy,
This wondrous bundle my baby boy.

Your mother smiled watching us two,
The love we felt radiating for you,
I smiled back with a twinkle in my eye,
I never realized how the time would fly.

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