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The ocean like watery blue eyes,
Eyes which are full of languages,
Languages which i tried to read,
Deep and deep, meaningful and meaningful,

Happiness is walking hand-in hand with ur parents
Happiness is dad's hug
HAppiness is be the reason behind ur parent's smile
Happiness is sleeping on ur mom's lap

ooh! what the beauty of this day,
The lighting lamps,
The colour of rangoli,
The fragrant of flowers,


When I am dead, my dearest sing no sad song for me,
As you-who are so beautiful, perfect, and adorable,
And I- so ugly, damaged and muddle,
You cry for me, who I am?

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My Cry

About four years past,
still ur memories not seems to last,
My heart is remembering u
and that every moments I spent with u,
Now, trust me I will forget u,
bcoz I come to know,
u r not cmfrtble with me,
and all I want, to see u happy,
For ur happiness I can do anything,
You don't need to say sorry,
You don't need to worry,
just follow ur heart, wherever he carry,
And be with the person, who loves u so much,
And now what's about me,
Look I m still smiling,
hey stop! not so deeply,
bcoz if u look deeply in me,
You find my tears which I m hiding,
day by day, second per second I m dying,
And u come to know-my smile is fake,
and I m lying, and also the truth that I m crying, crying, CRYING.....

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