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You made me young again
You made me yearn for summers again

You filled my nights with longing

He chronicled her dreams
She wasn't even a queen
Was he dressed in a many coloured tunic?
Was he there taming the lions?

I see you everyday
Why do you haunt me so
If you don't want to stay?
Why do you leave me alone

Every voice I hear is you
Every sound makes me think of you
You're but a noise in my head
You're just the voice of my soul

He has to wish his ladies every morn
He has to kiss them goodnight too
He loves to listen to their chatter
And create dark matter

The heart pounds
The mind melts
within inches of your vicinity
I'm lost and found at the edge of insanity

O tell me not in mournful numbers
life is but an empty dresm
I played my cards well
but the cat got all the cream?

When I loved a man..
Twas wrong from the start
When lies were the bricks we used
To fall irrevocably apart

Why did you let me go?
You with the hard heart
And eballs as hard as timber

With great care he placed them there
In woods so dark and deep and rare
He caressed them gently and fed them love
He let the sun filter rays from above

The cheerful beggar stood in the alley
Never a frown had he
Day in and day out he tarried the wayfarer
And asked for coins to see

Watching you take that step alone
As if you have many sins to atone
Watching you be brave
No more a slave

Is that not the Sun looking down at us,
tormenting us with its heat?
Is it not the moon peering at all our dark secrets?
Is it but a strange star that shines afar?

I asked the Sun if we could ever meet
And help me feel complete
He answerednot with a long discourse
The message was as strange as Morse

He is a work of art
We will forever be miles apart
And never can the twain meet

I fell in love with a ghost
He disappeared without a trace
Alas, he had the grace
To leave memories in his place

Faithful to thy faithlessness
You watch me
You chide me
As I lose control

For centuries philosophers and statesmen
Tried hard and in vain
To get animals to turn into humans again
They fought and they slandered

He filled my Cyber thoughts
He occupied all my Cyber time
Was it all in my head
Or was I really alone in bed?

And from the ashes rises the phoenix
It's only been months six
Since I've felt dead deep within
Leaving his world of sin

The Best Poem Of The Muse

You Made Me Young Again

You made me young again
You made me yearn for summers again

You filled my nights with longing
Heart constantly in mode throbbing

You made me believe in the soul
You filled up the infinite hole

A hope to live was planted in me
Although you I could never see

You made me young again
And then you decided to grow up alone

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