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I hold your hand
I feel the pain…..
I see your eyes
And all you’ve gained……

She takes one
She takes two
She take three, she can’t breathe
She takes four

A thought or too for those who knew
About the world after you
Of what you did to their poor hearts
And souls destroyed with your cruel words

I look around my skin is cold
I think about the stories told
No air to breathe no moon is bright
The stars around have somehow died

There is a feeling that I cant describe
Because this is the feeling that the feelings have
They tell u how to feel and what to do
When in reality its all about u

I don’t know I never knew
What u told me and what I had to do
What u showed me and what I showed u
What was fake or what was true

I look in to a photograph
The last one that we took
Then I start to see our image
Disappear with one last look,

let me tell u something that ive got
something u gave me...but u have forgot
u gave me a feeling u once understood
a feeling we both shared with out a dispute

I wanna write a poem
One that will make u cry,
Something bout the past
And the futures lie…

Welcome to my world….
Ware no one can feel,
Ware even if you try…..
You can never bleed,

I looked at you and forgot my name
I kiss your neck and grab your waste,
I know somehow this will never work
Forget the past and what’s been broke,

Its hard to feel the feelings dead
Confusion’s more then in my head,
I don’t know what to do im lost
I guess that is, those are my thoughts.

I pray to god, my soul to rest
From all the worst to all the best
From bloody rain drops that are falling
To the ground beneath us stalling

I hold my hand to give to u
Id give my soul to know the truth
I cut my throat so I can know
What she’s done and how far she’s gone

Do I dare to take the picture of the person that I love
And even if I did, how much will she know?
Will she know the picture that I took
Can never be described with just one look.

i know it seems like you cant breathe
but just hold on before you leave
cause in my heart i still believe
that their is room for you and me

as i sit in my throne
in the corner all alone
and i think about the things
that are simply now gone

I don’t know how this goes away
These lives we live in pass day by day,
Just like a rat we sit in corners
Till someone comes and tries to warn us,

i dont know how to finish it...for it doesnt say how......u may help..thank you

Something happened something strange
I thought I loved you now it changed
I’m never saying I don’t love you
A raging feeling through and through

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I Love You (Meghan)

I hold your hand
I feel the pain…..
I see your eyes
And all you’ve gained……

I hear your thoughts
I see through you…..
You seem so sad
In all you do……..

I want to take you
I want to hold you…..
You need to trust me
Like I’ve told you……

I hurt you once
And never again……
I'll hold you tighter
Till the end…..

I'll show you how
These things are done….
I'll show you where
il show my care,
I'll show you now
You are the one

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Ross Ehlers 20 April 2009

Dude sup...I though maybe i can put my idea and thoughts about life on here...i mean on the site lol...anyways add me lol

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